Mexico Stops Americans From Buying Their Cheap Gas

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Joe Biden is by far the worst president to ever enter the Oval Office. His approach to making things better for Americans has only produced higher prices and a lack of supply for high demand. And the way he continues to blunder international affairs continues to make things worse in the world.

And now that he has increased gas prices to unforeseen levels, he is content to sit back and watch foreign nations tell Americans that they cannot buy gas in their country. Mexico has decided to crack down on people crossing the border to buy cheaper gas.

Mexico’s response is different than what it would have been had Donald Trump been in office. When Trump was in office, Mexican leaders were willing to work with their northern neighbors to make life better for everyone. But now, they are telling Joe Biden what to do and for people to stop buying gas in their country.

The mistreatment by foreign nations has only started. The world sees America as a weak nation that is prime for exploitation. And Mexico sees its chance to expel Americans from its borders. They do not want their northern neighbors buying up their gas. And they certainly do not want Biden’s high prices to flow across the border into their country.

Reuters stated that “the Mexican government has been subsidizing gasoline to soften price spikes, but it has announced that the policy would be suspended in areas close to the U.S. border this week–citing shortages as more and more Americans hop over to fill their tanks.” The reason is that there is not enough to keep their people fueled and ready to go.

Reuters also noted, according to RedState, that “Mexico will suspend gasoline subsidies in the U.S. border regions, citing shortages as there were increasing numbers of American drivers crossing borders to fill their tanks.”

Joe Biden sits back and blames Vladimir Putin for the high prices in America. The price of gasoline was already high before the war began. The rise in prices directly results from Biden’s refusal to let Americans drill for their oil. Instead, he would buy from enemy nations and promote terrorist nations by buying their oil.

Biden’s short-term plan is to release a million barrels a day from the national reserve. He sees it as his opportunity to further push America to the brink of disaster by using its supplies and not replacing them. Biden has stated that he will restock the oil reserve, but no one can trust what the old man claims because he has lied many times.

Biden’s ultimate goal is to force everyone to drive electric cars. He wants people to move on to new energy sources. But the reality is that he has not dealt with the power supply needed to make the change. He has to change over every power plant to a renewable energy source. Electric cars today are using the power created by fossil fuel sources.

Biden thinks that people will save money by not having to pay for gas at the pump. But that will only be true when electric cars are as plentiful as gasoline. And right now, gasoline is the preferred choice because it is easy to get and fast to fill up.

But Joe Biden will never see his dream come true as long as the price of electric cars exceeds those powered by gasoline. To get people to give up on gas, they must see that the cost is much cheaper than where it currently sits.

The move to a renewable energy source must be gradual over time. The technology and industry to power cars will need to keep pace with consumers’ ability to buy the vehicles. Joe Biden has not thought through the imbalance that his plan will cause on an already taxed out power grid. And he certainly cannot keep blaming his problems on Putin.