Mexico’s Done with Border Cooperation, Leading to Catch and Release

Trump was able to help the immigration problem. He was able to put a stop to the constant burden of illegal crossings at the border. However, Biden has managed to make sure that he’s ended any and all things that were signed by Trump.

Biden wants to hold his arms wide open to the immigrants around the world, whether the country can pay for them or not.

So, Mexico has decided that they, too, are done.

It won’t be long before we have reports of too many arrests at the border and too many immigrants flooding the system. But this is what the Democrats want.

Prior to Biden entering the office, the Mexican government held families while decisions were made in the U.S. Central American families that drive through Mexico in order to reach the U.S. border are no longer held.

The Customs and Border Patrol has seen an increase in border encounters. They’ve been trying to make their way in to hope and pray that a new administration would let them stay. They also tried to reach the U.S. for a healthier option from COVID.

Detention has been one of the solutions employed – but it wasn’t the only solution. Mexico cooperated with the border issues.

Now, Biden is all about the catch and release program. It’s what led to migrant issues during Obama’s presidency. However, Biden’s suffering from dementia, so he probably doesn’t even remember all of those issues.

The catch and release program is a bad idea for many reasons.

One, it will encourage people to take the trip across several countries to the U.S. These individuals have not been vaccinated against many of the diseases that the U.S. has all but eradicated. It will also lead to problems with COVID.

It will take jobs away from Americans. When there are so many blue-collar Americans seeking jobs because of coronavirus-related layoffs, it’s not fair to have to fight immigrants for jobs.

It’s also going to lead to more immigrant policies. Those that are caught and released will never show up for court dates. They’ll simply enter the system and soak up the resources of Welfare and Medicaid that are designed for Americans.

Many of the immigrants will commit crimes. They’ll hide in sanctuary cities so that ICE cannot deport them. They’ll raise the crime rates and they’ll make more cities unsafe for residents.

All of this could have been avoided. Trump had finally gotten the situation under control by ensuring that Mexico did their part. The rule was known as Title 42, and it forced hundreds of thousands of migrants back into Mexico.

Although many wanted to claim asylum, we cannot accept them all. We don’t have the money or the resources for such large populations of people.

So, why is it that the Democrats are allowing this? Why is it that they’re actually happy about the catch and release program?

It means that more people will be dependent on the government. It will allow them to make decisions based on what they feel is right for people. Further, many immigrants generally vote on the liberal end of the spectrum.

The higher populations allow states like California to gain more Representatives – more liberal Representatives. More voters and more Representatives on the liberal spectrum help to block the GOP.

Although many of these people are fleeing from totalitarian governments and socialism, they’ll still vote for the liberals. Why? The liberals are the ones that are allowing them into the country. They’re feeding them, providing them with free resources.

It’s a disgusting practice, and Biden is ruining our country by ignoring the immigration policies that were created for good reason.

Now that the U.S. border agencies are forced to use catch and release solutions, it allows mothers and children to unite with illegal alien spouses already in the country.

As they reunite, they’re more likely to stay in the country. The result? They leech off the economy, leaving Americans to work harder in order to gain the same privileges.