Michiganders Line the Streets to Jeer and Protest Biden

Johnny Silvercloud / Shutterstock.com
Johnny Silvercloud / Shutterstock.com

In the weeks following Democratic President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and the resulting death of 13 American heroes, the nation has grown less and less fond of our supposedly duly elected commander in chief.

Recent evidence of this was given on Tuesday when Biden arrived in Howell, Michigan. According to Click on Detroit, Biden was scheduled to meet in the city with Democrat Representative Elissa Slotkin at a union training center.

But, before he arrived to speak with Slotkin, Biden first had to drive through Howell, where both sides of the streets were lined with Michiganders who were none too happy at his presence or his time in office thus far.

As numerous videos, photographs, and comments have made clear, Biden was greeted, not with the well-wishers one usually sees in the presence of our national leader but with protesters alone.

It seemed each dissatisfied citizen held a Trump sign of some sort. Some said Trump 2020, others read Trump 2024, and still, others stated that “Trump Won.” Some even held up American flags with the word “Trump” painted right on them.

And if that wasn’t enough, there was even a bright green John Deere tractor rumbling down the middle of the main road, which was emblazoned with a large American Flag and the words “No Biden.”

Then, of course, there were signs, banners, and flags everywhere, as well as protesters shouting the now-familiar chant of “F*** Joe Biden.” As you likely know, the chant originated some five weekends ago at a college football game, where it soon caught like wildfire. It has since been heard at nearly every sporting event and venue where large crowds can gather, as well as seen on t-shirts, ball caps, and even coffee mugs.

Now, while this kind of reception might seem all too expected in deep-red states like Texas, Florida, and Montana, it is noted that this is Michigan. According to CNN, this bluish state supposedly says that Biden beat Trump by some 154,188 votes back in November. So either several someone’s and their election data are lying, or more than a few people have changed their minds since then – likely a little of both.

It’s also important to point out that this isn’t the only supposedly Biden-won state where people don’t seem to be happy with him. Pennsylvania, for instance, began to see signs posted along major highways and interstates depicting Biden as a member of the Taliban. In these images, he held a rocket launcher next to a caption that read, “Making the Taliban Great Again!”

Hell, even in his beloved swamp of Washington, D.C., where crowds are typically more blue-blooded and liberal than just about anywhere else in the country, he was practically booed out of the Nationals Park stadium last week after showing up for the Congressional baseball game.

It was reported that as soon as he came into the crowd’s line of sight on the field and before moving to wish each team and its players well, jeers and boos erupted from all around. As a result, the dissatisfying president quickly made his rounds, and quietly left the stadium, making a record visit of under an hour.

Then, of course, there are the polls, which all show an increasing drop in job approval, starting, well, pretty much since he was put in office.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 43 percent of Americans are happy with his job done so far, while a whopping 55 percent most certainly aren’t. Real Clear Politics has a more equal comparison between the two sides, but disapproval still comes out well on top, with 45.3 percent liking Biden right now and 47.9 disapproving of him.

And as inflation continues to rise and Congressional Democrats continue to side with Biden and push for increased spending and socialistic ideas, those numbers aren’t like to move in the president’s favor any time soon. As one Newsmax host recently said, “Biden is well on his way to be the nation’s worst liked president of all time if he’s not already there.”