Military Begins Its Purge of Non-Vaccine Compliant Troops

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Bumble Dee /

Being warned and threatened with the consequences by military leaders over the last year means they now are having to follow through on threats made. Now, our military men and women who have declined the order of the Covid-19 vaccine are at risk of being discharged.

The verdict is still out on the exact number of how many service members could wind up being discharged. According to the services, at least 30,000 service members are yet to be vaccinated, which is roughly 1.5% of 1.3 million active-duty troops.

Although several thousand of those have obtained medical or religious exemptions, they believe at least 20,00 simply refuse to take the vaccine, causing mounds of frustration.

The government is trying to prevent a potential rapid outbreak from taking down our troops.

Forgive us if we somehow are starting to feel like the government may not be looking out for the people’s best interest after the wild ride known as COVID protocols we’ve been subjected to during 2020 and 2021.

Going to the hospital with COVID and coming out alive has proven to be far more difficult than surviving a season as a contest on Alone. Surviving a hospital stent, and being subjected to their protocols is a real-life version of Naked and Afraid…one many of us don’t survive.

John Kirby, the Pentagon chief spokesperson, said that Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary is only concerned with vaccinating as many service members as quickly as possible and is considering making the vaccine booster shots mandatory for service members

“What he would tell these individuals if he had the chance to speak to them directly is to get the vaccine, if they are medically eligible,” Kirby said. “Get the vaccine because it’s the best way to protect themselves and their units. That’s the readiness concern — getting the vaccination rate as close to 100% as possible.”

Temporary medical exemptions can include pregnancy or other reasons, and administrative exemptions can include those who are retiring or are in remote locations with no available vaccines.

Just like in civilian life, they have seen a lot of resistance from citizens however over 70% of people of the US population have received at least one of the string of COVID-19 vaccines.

Depending on the US military members’ deployment location, they are required to receive as many as 17 vaccines including but not limited to flu, smallpox, hepatitis, and polio.

Many of our armed forces have been very hesitant to take a shot we know nothing about other than if you receive the shot, chances are still very high you will still contract COVID-19.

No matter which side you’re on, we should always stand on the side of freedom. We should never be forced to take a vaccine of any kind. This is America. How can we ask our troops to defend and protect this country to help keep us free and then demand we strip their rights away from them on the 5-yard line? Inevitably so many of them are taking the shot simply to prevent them from losing their career along with all the benefits they put their life on the line for.

We ask them to potentially step in front of a bullet for us, and the least we can do is stand up for the rights they fought for and not hand them over as though people didn’t die for them. While it makes sense that the military would be particularly concerned about the spread of COVID with close quarters, respect for the men and women in our military when it comes to their freedom is quite literally the least we can do.