VIDEO: MMA Fighter Takes Down Anti-Trump Protester On Veteran’s Day Weekend

A flag wave was honoring veterans on Sunday in Portland, Oregon. One woman started a fight, allegedly, which is when MMA fighter Tara LaRosa used her jujitsu skills to take the woman down.

LaRosa was live-streaming the flag wave on an overpass above I-84. That’s when the physical altercation took place. The protester picked a fight with one of the women from LaRosa’s group, all of whom were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, the iconic symbol of the 2016 Trump campaign.

While being pinned to the ground, the woman identified herself as a “professor” as though that would somehow allow her to carry on the way that she was. LaRosa also says that the woman bit her in the chest, creating an open wound.

Those who were with LaRosa told the woman that she assaulted someone and would be going to jail. The woman complained that she couldn’t breathe. In the video that has since gotten thousands of views, one member of LaRosa’s group is heard saying that, “We didn’t F*#$ with you! You F*#$ed with us!”

LaRosa eventually got off of the woman that she had taken down. She warned that if she gets up, she can’t attack anyone. The woman said that she finished having brunch with friends when she saw the group “antagonizing” the city she lives in.

LaRosa said that she wasn’t there to fight and that the woman had to stop trying to fight everyone. The woman yelled that they didn’t know what Trump was and that she doesn’t agree with Trump.

LaRosa explains that the violent woman got violent. The only thing that the MMA fighter wanted to do was keep people safe, which is when she used her skills to take the woman down.

The group, known as the Proud Boys, were waving flags from the overpass, facing the passing cars. LaRosa told the police that her group was waving the flags when the woman attacked from behind, repeatedly saying, “F*#$ Proud Boys.” The woman, then, attacked a female from the group, which is when LaRosa stepped in to provide interference and protection.

LaRosa also told the police that the woman punched her at least eight times and bit her chest through her clothing. Photos of these marks were shared on Twitter, too.

The Proud Boys has been identified as a far-right organization that only admits men and promotes political violence. However, LaRosa’s group had females in attendance. Further, they weren’t promoting any kind of hate or violence by waving their flags.

The police identified that they did not arrest anyone but they did report the incident for the district attorney to review. The name of the woman that attacked the group has not been released.

Additionally, while Proud Boys has been identified as a hate group by Southern Poverty Law Center, a high-ranking member of the FBI in Oregon says that the agency does not view the Proud Boys as an extremist group.

This sort of behavior is common amongst those who are anti-Trump. They’re extremely violent when confronted with people who are Trump supporters. Rather than using their words, they turn to violence. The woman identified that she doesn’t support Trump. However, how does that suddenly give her the right to attack someone with different views?

Anti-Trump supporters are commonly also against gun violence. They don’t like to see any kind of violence. That seems to be a one-sided belief, though. They’re fine with violence as long as they’re the ones being violent.

Rather than asking the people to stop waving the flags or simply to ignore the display that was happening on the overpass, the woman felt it was her right to go up and attack some of the women, including punching and biting.

Perhaps she had too many mimosas at her brunch with friends or perhaps she is a member of one of the far-left groups and simply chose to keep that tidbit to herself.

Either way, the MMA fighter felt that she had to protect her group by taking the “professor” down. Tara LaRosa began live-streaming a considerable aspect of the exchange between the woman and her group, sharing it on Twitter. This way, the police, as well as the district attorney, can review much of what went down.

Tara LaRosa isn’t shy about what had to be done – and it shows that the anti-Trump protesters are the ones who are the fastest to be violent, especially when they are triggered by seeing a MAGA hat.