More Humane? More Compassionate? Biden Administration Turns Blind Eye on Migrant Children Drowning Crossing Rio Grande (Video)

A Border Patrol station made an announcement on its Facebook page that should make the current administration take a long, hard look in the mirror. Two migrants who were attempting to cross the border from the United States into Mexico drowned in the Rio Grande. These are the tragedies that are taking place while Biden is out to lunch.

Sadly, these drownings were captured on camera and they were shared with the local media. Jesus Vargas was on the United States side of the border and was able to save a 13 year old boy who was also drowning. He says that he saw a woman and two teenagers struggling to stay afloat as well.

The Biden administration and the Customs and Border Protection website have offered no commentary on the drownings. The following statement was posted on the U.S. Border Patrol Laredo Station Facebook page, though. It is a sad read, for sure.

“This afternoon, United States Border Patrol agents from the Laredo Sector foiled a human smuggling attempt at the end of Calton Road and the riverbanks. Agents witnessed several individuals exit a vehicle and attempt to swim across the Rio Grande River into Mexico. Several individuals were apprehended in the vehicle at the encounter.

Some of the individuals entered the river and safely made it to the Mexican riverbanks. One individual was rescued by a local fisherman and rendered first aid by agents. Two individuals succumbed to the dangerous currents of the Rio Grande river and perished. The incident remains under investigation,” said the statement.

These are the dangerous conditions that are being created by the current president. His mental health is failing and this is the punishment that we are all forced to experience now. The Democrats love to claim that they are the party of empathy. This blood is on their hands and there are no excuses to be made.

The mainstream news media has yet to acknowledge the drownings, either. We will try to give them some small measure of credit since they have been covering the border crisis more extensively than we ever could have possibly expected.

However, these are stories that still need to be told. Newsweek and the New York Post are a couple of the conservative-leaning outlets that have shared the story but that’s not enough. Too many Americans are blissfully unaware of the issues that are being created at the border right now.

British outlets have also decided to report the story, so there is some international awareness to speak of. Local news outlets like KABB-TV have more on the story, as well. They spoke to Vargas about the horrific tragedy. “Jesus Vargas has lived here by the Rio Grande his whole life, but he’s never seen anything like this, at least two teenagers and one woman drowning.

…Vargas says three drowned, but according to a Border Patrol Facebook post, the number is two. The post also says that the incident started when border patrol agents foiled a human smuggling attempt. Some people were caught, some jumped into the river and made it, while these teenagers and a woman, as Vargas describes them, drowned,” the report shared.

Presidents like Biden need to be held accountable for what they are doing. The mainstream news media is a major piece of that puzzle. If they are not going to take Biden to task for what he has allowed to happen, then what? The problem is only going to get worse and worse and worse.

President Trump was treated like some sort of cruel and evil dictator when he tried to gain control of the border. Remember when that photo of the crying migrant child began to circulate? That was supposed to prove that he’s some sort of cruel and heartless man that does not care at all. News flash: sitting idly by while children drown in the Rio Grande is not exactly kind! Fix this now.