More Migrants, More Democrats Looking the Other Way

Vic Hinterlang /

Every time we turn around, there are more illegal migrants entering the southern border. They’re climbing over fences, wading across the Rio Grande, and driving through in caravans. We’ve seen hundreds of people show up at a time – and many get a free pass to get into the interior of the U.S.

Republicans are doing everything they can to combat the border crisis, including Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plan of loading migrants onto a bus and delivering them into Washington DC.

The problem is that Democrats have remained blind to the issue.

Republicans point out an issue created by the illegal migrants and Democrats look the other way.

We point out the fentanyl that is being pushed across the border. Democrats respond by pushing legislation that offers more drug legalization.

We point out that crime is more evident in border cities. Democrats respond by pushing more gun control laws on law-abiding citizens.

We point out that the illegal migrants aren’t tested for COVID nor are they vaccinated against COVID. Democrats respond by trying to lift Title 42.

It’s as if the Democrats aren’t even listening to the issues. They’re just continuing with their progressive agendas without acknowledging all of the problems associated with allowing the migrants into the U.S.

The country will reach a breaking point. We can’t allow everyone into the U.S. We’ve already allowed Afghan refugees into the country. And Ukrainian ones. And Haitian ones. And we’re allowing tens of thousands of migrants from Mexico and Central America in, even when they don’t qualify for asylum.

Just the other day, the Laredo Sector Border Patrol found nine human smuggling attempts. The attempts were utilizing tractor-trailer rigs – and when the tractors were intercepted and searched, it led to nearly 500 migrants being apprehended.

Carl E. Landrum, the Chief Patrol Agent for the sector, tweeted some of the images to show that there is a big problem happening at the border. The tweets are common as a way to provide physical proof since the Democrats want to continue to promote that what’s happening at the border is no big deal.

How long ago was it that Kamala Harris visited? Over a year – and she didn’t stay long enough to see what the real issues were. It’s why it’s such a joke that she was tasked to fix the problem. It’s hard to fix a problem when you don’t even get a chance to see just how big the problem is.

Landrum has been vocal about the issues because the border has become a constant source of human smuggling. And there are more migrants than there are agents. They are outnumbered, underfunded, and just plain tired of dealing with the same problems day in and day out.

“This past week, #USBP Laredo Sector agents apprehended over 2,600 undocumented individuals and deterred over 870 subjects crossing the Rio Grande,” Landrum tweeted. “Laredo Sector @USBorderPatrol agents remain vigilant in their work to protect our nation and our community from all threats.”

Now, if only Alejandro Mayorkas and the rest of the Department of Homeland Security were just as vigilant. However, Mayorkas continues to make the problem worse, all because he’s pro-immigration. And since Biden could care less about putting Americans first, the two of them together have created the problem that we have.

The only ones doing their job are the Border Patrol Agents. Landrum has given props where they are due. Some of the migrants were found as a result of the Horse Patrol Unit agents. Others have been helped as a result of Texas DPS helicopter and ground-based agents.

Think about how things could drastically improve at the border if the Democrats would at least acknowledge that there’s a serious problem…