Nancy Pelosi Violates Promises To Party and Seeks To Remain in Power

Alexandros Michailidis /
Alexandros Michailidis /

The Democratic Party is full of infighting and intrigue as its members jockey themselves around trying to find the most powerful positions. Nancy Pelosi holds the one position in the House that all Democrats want to have. She had stated that she would step down as the Speaker of the House at one time. But now it seems that old gal is going back on that promise and just cannot let go of the reins of power.

Everyone was praying that the wicked witch of California would retire. Her advanced age rivals that of Joe Biden. The Republicans are expected to take back control of the House, which would mean Pelosi would not be the leader any longer. But for some strange reason, she is trying to hold on as long as she can instead of leaving at the peak of her career.

For the past twenty years, Pelosi has ruled in the House, either as the majority leader or in her rightful place as the minority leader. The agreement in 2018 not to seek reelection is short-lived now that she has filed to run for office again, which seems to be a signal that she does not trust the younger generation in her party.

The Washington Examiner had found out that CNN pushed a story that supposedly quoted several people close to Pelosi as the time was ripe for her to leave. And when the Speaker was asked about her intentions, all she could muster was fueling speculation that she was planning an exit.

“Why would I tell you that now? Probably I would have that conversation with my family first, if you don’t mind.” Pelosi is just trying to resist the exit from the stage to the nursing home. She cannot accept that her time is done in politics, and it is time for her to bow out. It is time for her to return to the rock she crawled out from under.

Her need for control is an iconic mark that defines the Democrats at all levels of leadership. Andrew Cuomo fought for his life when he was accused of sexual misconduct. He wanted to stay in the office so he could finish his book. So, he ended up attacking everyone who stood in his way.

Pelosi’s actions are no different. She is having power withdrawal symptoms since she is drunk with power. Her decision to leave office has forced her to face the reality that she will no longer have anything to say about the country’s direction. And for the first time in many years, she will not be in control of her future.

Pelosi is distraught that she has to put her future in someone else’s hands. As much as she may try and keep control, at some point, her age is going to demand her removal from politics.

Pelosi has been around the White House since dinosaurs walked with humanity. Her sudden departure will have positive ramifications for America but deadly ones for the Democrats. Contributors to her campaign, and ultimately the party, will all but fade away because they will no longer be able to count on her to do their bidding.

The liberals are known for their dramatic flair. They cannot help themselves and their need to create a vast soap opera for their decisions. Nancy Pelosi wants the spotlight fixed on her as she steps out of her seat one last time.

The liberals are in a state of panic, knowing that many of their people are leaving and a red wave is closing in on them. Nancy Pelosi feels that leaving when other nutty leftists are heading out would spell disaster for her party. But it is something that she cannot control.

The progressives in her party want control of the House, and many others would like to sit in her seat. But the fact that she is faltering on her promise is a clear sign that she never intended to honor her word to leave the House so that people could fight over her position.