National School Board Association Had to Apologize to Parents Around the Nation


Parents around the nation have been labeled as “domestic terrorists” simply because they want to speak out against the liberal policies plaguing school districts.

Parents should get to have a say on what’s being taught to their children. They should get a say as to the reading material being made available inside of the classrooms.

The average school board meeting is open to the public. It allows concerned parents to have a voice. They can point to a problematic teacher or a problematic policy. This includes everything from oversexualized texts in the library to Critical Race Theory inside of the classrooms.

The school boards have decided that they don’t feel safe. They don’t want to be harassed. Instead, they want to be able to push their liberal agendas without any kind of pushback. It seems that they have forgotten that they are in the U.S. – and that the way that things remain fair and balanced is through democracy.

Still, the school boards cried to the Biden administration. It led the Justice Department to determine that they would monitor the situation.

The National School Board’s Association took things too far by labeling parents as “domestic terrorists” if they opposed a particular agenda. The NSBA wrote a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland where they asked for help against the “threats” being made by parents.

As such, Merrick admitted that he had created a task force to look into the alleged threats that have been made. The NSBA also admitted that their CEO and president actually consulted with the White House before the letter was sent. It was sent without approval by the NSBA board, however.

So, at this point, we have both the NSBA president and the White House essentially saying that it’s okay to label parents as “domestic terrorists” if they disagree with an agenda. Mind you, parents aren’t getting violent. They’re only voicing an opinion and disagreeing with a liberal school board.

This is the easiest way for the liberals to win. Parents aren’t going to risk being labeled as terrorists. They have to choose legal action being taken against them or they have to be okay with CRT and God knows what else is being taught inside of the classrooms.

This isn’t what democracy is all about. What happened to listening to what people have to say? Whatever happened to parents being able to decide what is best for their children?

The Biden administration has continuously been overstepping, but this label for parents really takes the cake.

Okay, so perhaps the NSBA overstepped. It’s why they had to come forward and apologize. They have apologized for the letter that was written to Merrick and the overall directive for the FBI to begin targeting parents as domestic terrorists.

In the letter where they “regret and apologize” for the letter, they explain that “ To be clear, the safety of school board members, other public school officials and educators, and students is our top priority, and there remains important work to be done on this issue. However, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter. We should have had a better process in place to allow for consultation on communication of this significance. We apologize also for the strain and stress this situation has caused you and your organizations.”

They’ve basically apologized while also throwing AG Merrick under the bus. They also apologize without actually apologizing. Notice how they don’t really say anything about honoring the concerns of parents? They also say that the safety of school board members is their top priority. They list out the order of priority very clearly. School board members first. Then, public school officials. Third down the list is students – and that is perhaps the most concerning aspect.

Thanks for the apology, but this doesn’t really end the battle, does it?