Navarro Report Highlights How Dems Stole the Election by “Theft of a Thousand Cuts”

As the Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator, Peter Navarro wears a number of hats.

Now, he is releasing a report about the legitimacy of the election and it is going to surprise a lot of people. “The new report by @RealPNavarro pulls all the evidence together, and concludes by slamming the media for its dereliction of duty here,” Raheem Kassam tweeted.

Kassam went on to share key information from the report about the election steal. If there was any doubt in your mind, allow this following passage to remove it entirely.

“In the report, Peter Navarro, also a White House Trade Adviser, outlines a “coordinated strategy to effectively stack the election deck against the Trump-Pence ticket” occurring in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin,” shared Kassam.

Navarro paints a very clear picture of what took place during the election and how blatant the cheating was. He lays out the numbers for Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

From there, he explains how they could not have possibly held up in the same manner that the Democrats are claiming.

He even goes so far as to show the activities that took place that were designed to corrupt the vote. If the proper measures had been taken, these issues could have been avoided entirely.

That’s what happens when the Democrats are allowed to run wild. Navarro even outlines all of the clear cut crime and corruption that occurred in certain states.

These states may have felt that their Democratic governors would keep them safe from the long arm of the law. However, they severely underestimated how many people would be severely ticked off about watching an election be stolen in real-time.

The Navarro Report is 36 pages long and chock full of all kinds of facts.

That’s probably why the leftists are doing everything in their power to ignore. We have been watching them pull the same stunt every time a new story comes out.

They either send out one of the mainstream media outlets to call the people who are sharing the information liars or they try their best to sweep it under the rug entirely.

It does not matter how convincing the evidence is. They are not going to listen to any form of reason because it does not align with the idea that the election is already over.

Think about it this way. If someone has robbed a bank and they are already far away from the scene of the crime, why would they come back to take responsibility?

They have already been told that they are free to go by the United States government. That’s why they are so gleeful about what is happening right now.

If anything, they are probably happy to see all of the news stories on the matter. It lets them know that there are conservative thinkers everywhere who are suffering mightily.

It’s hard for anyone to believe that this country is running with their best interests in mind when things like this happen. We knew that things had gotten bad when even Fox News was in on the steal.

They were calling states in favor of Biden before the votes had even been counted officially. This puts an end to that idea that there are any news networks out there who are ready, to tell the truth.

Keeping the faith in the meantime is tough but at least we have patriots like Navaro on hand. He’s not providing any sort of theory or speculation. He’s offering up cold, hard facts and the leftists are doing whatever they can to ignore them.

There’s only so much more that they can do to hide from the facts as they are being presented. Once the court systems are inevitably involved, it is going to be a very tough road for them going forward.