Nebraska Demands Fairness, But at What Cost?

Katherine Welles /

Liberals demand that everyone be “fair,” but the problem with that is that they are determining the baseline. For some, being “fair” comes at a cost.

A “fairness ordinance” has recently been passed in a city in Nebraska. It’s not sitting quite right with a lot of people, including a pro-family organization that is claiming that it’s an outright violation of First Amendment rights.

So, what is going on?

The Lincoln City Council decided to pass a “fairness ordinance” that basically tells people that they have to let anyone and everyone be gay, be transsexual, and be open about who they are and what they are.

While it seems innocent at first, it puts girls at risk because men who claim to be women can enter female bathrooms. It prevents parents from being able to work with their kids when there’s an issue of gender dysphoria. And, it prevents religious families from promoting traditional values.

Anyone who disagrees with the ordinance could face fines of up to $50,000.

How did this kind of ordinance even get passed? Well, the 67-page ordinance was passed by the council on February 14. Apparently, if you get enough liberals into one room with the desire to push their agendas on an entire city, that’s what will happen.

Karen Bowling, the executive director of the Nebraska Family Alliance, has a lot to say about the issue since it affects so many people. It affects everyone in Lincoln, including those in schools, churches, gyms, and even the local swimming hole. “The ordinance penalizes citizens for expressing a worldview different from those currently in positions of power.”

The Nebraska Family Alliance doesn’t believe that this kind of ordinance can simply be passed by the city council without the people being able to vote. All they’re asking for is a vote because “The Lincoln City Council should not be allowed to circumvent the will of the citizens of Lincoln.”

The 67 pages go into a long list of what the people of Lincoln cannot do.

There’s a ban on conversion therapy, a process that many churches use as a way to help homosexuals understand that heterosexuality is the Christian way. There’s also an expansion of how ‘harassment’ is defined.

There’s no way that the city should be allowed to tell people what they can and cannot do. They are taking away free will.

That’s not all they’re taking away, either. Jim Pillen, the regent at the University of Nebraska who is running for governor, has been vocal that he doesn’t believe that children should have access to gender transition surgeries. However, with the new ordinance, it would be illegal for him to say that out loud in Lincoln without facing serious fines and penalties.

Wait, isn’t that a threat to the freedom of speech? Oh, you better believe it. Pillen said that “freedom of speech and religion are a cornerstone of our country and what it means to be American.” He went on to call what the city government has done “unconscionable.”

This seems to be the way that many liberal cities are headed – they’re taking a totalitarian approach. Either follow our way of thinking or find yourselves paying hefty fines for your conservative thinking.

Something tells me that it’s only a matter of time before the Lincoln City Council faces a serious lawsuit over this ordinance. Let’s hope it gets shut down sooner rather than later.