New Chess Game Starts in Los Angeles With Kids Being Used as Pawns

Democrats at all levels love taking kids hostage to push their terrible ideas. In Los Angeles, California, the school district continues to dig its heels into the ground, refusing and changing its minds as to what it will take to get back into the classroom. For nearly a year, they have made deals and decided to change them at the last minute. At this point, parents are furious and ready to march on school grounds to demand the doors open.

The American Federation of Teachers and other liberals in the district take the kids and use them as pawns in their deadly chess games. The issue is that the kids are the ones being hurt by all the drama that the liberals are pouring all over them.

The sad part is that the media has largely ignored the cries of parents that want the schools open for in-person learning. They see the effects of staying home in front of a computer all day on their kids.

The children are even coming forward and voicing their concerns, but they tell people that the liberals are not listening to them. One student named Cicily really told the true story behind the way the nasty liberal teachers were acting.

She stated that “At first it was kind of great because we didn’t have to go out at all and just do everything from home. But then we all started noticing that it wasn’t really sticking as much. And then some people’s wi-fi cut out. And, you know, it’s super obvious that people are just looking at their phones most of the time. It’s not working for us, no matter what you hear.”

The learning environment that the teacher’s union wants to create is hurting kids. Los Angeles has shut down their school system. They are not using their buildings, so one has to wonder where the money is commonly used to maintain the facilities and run the sports programs.

Children need to be pushed by adults to keep moving forward. If they are not kept on track, it is effortless for them to wander off and end up stagnating.

The sick part about the matter is how the teachers are treating the students. Cicily continued to mention that “And I’m just a kid here, but I think LA failed us, and I think the teachers are failing us for putting themselves over everyone else. I don’t want my voice to be, like, the voice of everyone else in my grade or something, but we all feel this way. We’re arguing with them more about this point too. My sister’s teacher cut off early without taking any more questions because a lot of students kept asking why she wanted a vaccine over all of our futures. It’s not pretty.”

Parents are raging mad all over the United States about how the liberal states are dragging their feet and allowing the unions to run everything. In Vail, Arizona, parents took over a board meeting to protest the school’s desire to keep kids wearing masks.

The facts are showing that there is no reason why life cannot return to normal for people. Joe Biden is weak, and he is not going to intervene. So it is up to the parents to take back the classrooms.

Parents are angry, and they have every right to be upset. Their tax dollars are paying for an education that their kids are not getting. Greedy unions are stealing their money at the expense of children. These kids are pawns in a chess game controlled and operated by the corrupt liberals abusing the education system for money.

Back in Los Angeles County, the teachers union acts like they want to open, and then they change the board around. They move their demands and keep asking for more like greedy vultures fighting over a dead animal.

Parents continue to stress their point and hold peaceful rallies to tell the unions that they have had enough. These parents demand that the school board make up their silly list of demands and stop changing them.