New Lawsuit Against Mark Zuckerberg for Spending Hundreds of Millions to Subvert Election (Video)

President of ProActive Communications Mark Serrano visited the War Room with Steve Bannon yesterday and this was an incredible sit-down. A lawsuit is being filed against Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

The dark money that allowed for electoral fraud to take place in a number of states has been traced back to him. Serrano pulled no punches during his interview with Bannon.

“This report details their involvement in this dark money network. And what we’re doing with it Steve, talking about action, is we’re taking this report, it’s going to be a centerpiece of a lawsuit that we’re filing in the next 24 hours in the District Court of the District of Columbia that deals with Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia,” said Serrano.

“What is the driving center of gravity of the lawsuit that the Amistad Project is going to file about those states based on this report?” asked Bannon.

Serrano did not hesitate to get as specific as possible with his response. This is a huge deal, especially in a world where everyone seems to be tiptoeing around the elephant in the room.

“It’s basically the ecosystem that caused this fraud on a massive level to take place. First of all the dark money funding. Then the changing and the shifting of the election law by governors and secretaries of state leading into election day and then the fraud we saw take place on and after election day in the management of the elections and even in the counting of the ballots where a billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg, was allowed in the counting room because he funded it,” Serrano replied.

In news that is slightly related to this, IT expert JR Carlson and attorney Phill Kline are also going to be holding a presser about the Zuckerberg funding and how he got his hands on it.

We are just glad to see that someone is ready to help out. TheSharpEdge1 shared news about the presser as well. “NEW lawsuit will be filed against Zuckerberg dark money that enabled the fraud in key states,” they tweeted.

Steve Bannon has definitely landed on his feet ever since he parted ways with the Trump administration. The War Room now provides those who are looking to speak truth to power with the help that they need.

Americans want to be informed. Everyone is not comfortable being a sheep, that is for sure. Zuckerberg has been getting over for some time now and now it is time for him to get his just desserts.

The social media barons who are all about catering to the lefties were more than happy to interfere in the election. If not for fearless reporters like Steve Bannon, we highly doubt that we would ever learn a thing about it.

Joe Biden and his administration are not about to start operating with any sort of transparency. They are pleased with the status quo and they will do anything in their power to protect it.

That’s where the efforts of people like Bannon come into play. Trump also still has time to offer pardons to those who could start blowing whistles of their own. Julian Assange could be pardoned by him any day now.

We’re going to go out on a huge limb and say that Zuckerberg and the other social media “thought leaders” that helped to fix the election are not going to like that one bit.

Maybe that’s what needs to be done, though? At some point, Bannon and other outsiders are not enough. Trump is going to have to take decisive action if he is going to be able to stop the steal. How far does the steal go?

We’ll just say this: if George Soros and his crew end up being closely involved, we are not going to be surprised in the least. Hopefully, these lawsuits end up delivering the desired result before too long.