New Mexico Governor Secretly Deceives People

The witch of a governor Michelle Lujan is living up to her Democratic roots. She purposely made a purchase of jewelry at a retail store after she had ordered stores to close. At the same time of banning people from shopping and being outdoors, she goes and buys things that she wants without any thought of obeying the laws herself. As a Democrat, she has no problem living and thinking that she is royalty and above the law.

Grisham made a big stink about how the people of New Mexico needed to stay home to not spread the virus around. she then purposely goes out and shops at stores that should be closed. Grisham and other Democrats love to clear the streets, so they do not have to be around the common people of their kingdom. Her orders for people to stay at only allowed people to leave their homes to buy food and medical supplies.

The results of her actions have led to a major problem of poverty in New Mexico. She went on to act like she cares when she said “We are in really tough financial times as a state. It mirrors the incredible, personal sacrifices that happen every single day because people have limited their ability to work, telecommuting and many people, in fact, have lost their jobs.” As a Democrat, she has learned to say things in public that people want to hear. And her words are not necessarily true of what she believes.

Grisham went on after her orders took and teleshopped at a jewelry store. It appears that she does not break any contact rules. But the concept of curbside pickup was not officially allowed until weeks later on May 1. She indeed broke the laws by doing things that were forbidden by the order of the governor. Grisham’s spoke person lied to the public when they reported that “There were no state guidelines broken. It was an entirely contact-free purchase.” But that was not legal to do until May 1.

Grisham is being accused rightly by the Republicans for being an open hypocrite. She violated her own orders. A true leader obeys their orders. Grisham could learn a lot from President Trump as he has perfectly exampled how a great leader should act. The Republican Party of New Mexico stated that “Our Governor is the latest Democrat to decide that the rules they impose on their citizens to address the COVID-19 pandemic don’t apply to her. A bombshell report reveals that the governor violated her own stay-at-home order to stock up on some high-end jewelry.”

Grisham’s paid liar stated that “The store was never ‘opened’ and a good safe process was followed. … The governor has, of course, in both her personal and professional lives adhered to all of the public health measures the state has enacted for the duration of this pandemic.” She has not obeyed the laws because she did things that were not permitted until a later date. Grisham and her band of liars can argue any excuse they want, but at the end of the day, she violated her edicts of the kingdom. Even the queen has to be held accountable for how she obeys the law. She needs to pay the fine associated with violating the law.

Grisham believes that the virus is ravaging the communities as she points out the failures of lawmakers’ “utter failure and unflinching surrender to the virus ravaging our communities, your communities, and those you represent whether you believe in the danger of this disease or not.” Her ridiculous lockdown is doing way more harm to people than them getting a bad version of the common cold.

The people of New Mexico deserve better than what they are getting in Grisham. She believes that she is the queen of New Mexico and the laws do not apply to her. As the country gets back to normal it is becoming apparent that the Democrats are not for the foundational principles that are the basis of what it means to be an American. President Trump has worked hard to put back what the Democrats have removed which makes America great.