New Portland Moms Group: Dragging Kids Away from Riots and Putting Them to Bed!

When momma comes a swinging, it is time to run for the house. There is nothing quite like a mother coming after her children to discipline them when they have started trouble.

A mother’s wrath is like a hurricane sitting offshore just waiting to unleash its fury on the problem child. This is the end of the rioters that are acting childish. Their mommas are coming for them and there is nothing they can do about.

The vandals roaming the streets of Portland, Oregon as young kids through the age of young adults. These childish beings have long rebelled against authority. Their actions at home and the level of disrespect that they gave their parents is worthy of prison time.

They have forsaken the adult way of life and all the influence they have received growing up by their actions. It is estimated that nearly 90 percent of the trouble is coming from these young kids.

Many of the young girls in the protests dress provocatively hoping to get a gaze from a man or bystander. Their self-portrayal of their bodies is self-indulgence in an area of crime that has an end of destruction to it.

These young and violent kids need their mothers to grab their ears and drag them home. They refuse to grow up and act responsibly.

Black Lives Matter thugs fail to realize that all lives matter. And not just life, but living and being a productive member of society is what matters.

Too many young babies refuse to listen to adults about life issues and they end up learning the hard way that a good work ethic counts. But they would rather have everything given to them for free. And this is one of the BLM member’s demands. They want what others own.

Mothers and Fathers spend years teaching their children right from wrong. Once they leave home they head off to school only to have some pathetic professor tell them that they can live any way that they want to.

So, they take to the streets because they believe the lies of the liberal education system. Instead of teaching American pride and morals that would enhance their lives, they are taught to steal from others and rebel against authority.

The proponents of BLM claim that life is not fair. Of course, it is not fair. If it was fair, then everyone would look alike and have the same stuff. But the beauty of America is that anyone can make a life for themselves if they are willing to work hard.

BLM members want gold handed to them on a golden platter. But their greed will never be satisfied until they put their hands to work and earn what it is that they want to steal from others.

When the television breaks that they stole from the store they will have to riot again to get a new one. Kids have that mentality about them. But not all young people are like the ones that are being portrayed on murderous media.

Some kids are out helping the elderly and volunteering their time to make someone else’s life better. They have found satisfaction rather than trying to self-indulge an endless appetite for crime and greed.

During some of the riots, the young have had their mothers show up and pull them out of harm’s way. But that maybe what needs to be done to save the youth from ending up in jail for life.

The liberal education system has failed this country and the liberal media continues to feed a plate of lies to people. So, no wonder that the youth are confused, and they need their mommas to save them.

President Trump has put America on a path to greatness. He fulfilled that promise he made back in 2016. And now that the nation is moving forward people have the chance to make something out of their lives.

The lack of hope under Obama is now gone. But parents need to get ahold of their kids and show them a better path of living beyond rioting in the streets. It’s time to teach them that cops are friends and liberals are the enemy.