New WI Law Could Give Patriots More Gun Rights

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By now, you’ve probably heard all about the infamous Kyle Rittenhouse case in Wisconsin. Rittenhouse, a man of just 18 years old, was being prosecuted for shooting a man who was trying to attack him during the Kenosha riots related to Black Lives Matter last year. But while usually defending yourself and others against such violence is not frowned upon, Rittenhouse was under the age allowed by residents of Wisconsin to carry any weapon, let alone the rifle he used.

And so, the courts deliberated about whether or not Rittenhouse was actually doing anything wrong. Ultimately, they ruled that he did not.

But the facts of the case still weigh heavily on more than a few lawmakers in the state.

Most notably is the idea that at age 18, the legal age to smoke, be drafted, serve your country, vote, etc., Rittenhouse was nearly sent to prison because he dared to defend himself.

And it is for that reason that Republican lawmakers are aggressively trying to pass new laws in the state that would lower the concealed carry age from 21 to 18.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the law, as well as a few other gun-related issues, were passed in the Wisconsin Assembly, the state’s lower house, on Thursday, as it has a Republican majority.

Among the other laws passed was one that would allow concealed carry permits, presumably held by those 18 and up now, to enter school campuses armed. According to The Associated Press, another would permit concealed carry permit holders from any other state to also carry in Wisconsin.

Naturally, Democrats in the state are up in arms, although not literally, about the recently passed laws.

As Democratic state Representative Deb Andraca said, “Today we vote on bills that will bring guns to our school grounds, a bill that will allow high school seniors to carry concealed weapons and a bill permitting people from out of the state who would normally fail a criminal background check to carry guns in Wisconsin.”

To her, this is all rather “terrifying.”

And it’s likely that her fellow Democratic Party member and the governor of the state, Tony Evers, will agree with her, refusing to sign them over to actual law.

The only problem is that Andraca’s points don’t make all that much sense.

Take the idea that those coming in from another state “would normally fail a background check,” for example.

To discuss this further, you need to know that the current Wisconsin law on out-of-state concealed carry permits is that only those coming from states where background checks are required for the permits are allowed to carry. This new law would make it so that concealed carry permits from all states would be honored.

But how does Andraca know who and who wouldn’t fail a background check? Furthermore, just because you are coming from another state, even one that doesn’t require a background check to get a concealed carry permit doesn’t mean you would fail one.

To suggest such is utter nonsense.

There is also a major problem in suggesting that 18 years old are too young to have a concealed carry permit.

As Republican state Representative Shae Sortwell argued on Thursday, “If you are old enough to fight for your country, you’re old enough to sign contracts, if you’re old enough to decide who the president of the United States is, we think you’re old enough to be responsible with your rights and to be able to protect yourself.”

And I have to say that I agree for the most part.

I mean, at 18, any young man or woman now can be drafted into the U.S. military. At that point, they will have not just a small pistol that can be concealed but a semi or fully automatic “weapon of mass destruction,” as the political left likes to call them, thrust into their hands without a second thought. And yet, here we are saying that the same men and women shouldn’t be allowed to own and carry a pistol for self-protection?

Again, not a lot of sense there…

Thankfully, the Democrats won’t be in charge for long with a red wave coming on. Perhaps then, we can get laws like these proposed ones in Wisconsin passed and restore freedom to the American people.