Governor is Helping the Illegals Ahead of His Own People

The governor of California is taking aid a step further and giving it to the illegals living in his botched-up utopia. These are people that do not meet the guidelines for receiving aid in the United States of America.

Newsom knows where these people are living, and he refuses to see them deported back to their own country. They are taking away the freedoms and jobs that would otherwise be reserved for American citizens.

Newsom has never agreed with the president on any policy or law that has been handed down. On more than one occasion he has sparred with President Trump to his demise. The illegal business owners, as they are referred to by Democrats, are going to receive state money because of the coronavirus.

He is taking taxpayer dollars and handing it out to people that do not even pay taxes. What he is doing is showing what socialism is like. He takes from hard-working people and gives it to those that are not even citizens of the country.

Newsom stated that “[W]e always consider those that are documented, those that are undocumented, those that are living in mixed-status families.” The Democrats have never really considered anyone that was illegal unless it was an election year.

Democrats always seem to care when their seat in power is on the line. They seek to aid a few people and then broadcast it like it applies to the whole country. But once the election is over all of the people that they used for selfish gain are forgotten about.

Newsom stated that “Just yesterday, I announced the work we are doing to help support small businesses. I very specifically mentioned in my remarks yesterday that there are many businesses, tens of thousands of businesses that do not and cannot get the support of the [Small Business Administration].”

The businesses that he is referring to are those owned by illegals. They should not even have a business in operation without being a legal citizen. What this means is that they do not pay taxes and transact money in the shadows.

He wants to appear to be benevolent but deep inside he is a vicious viper seeking to harm those that do not agree with his ways.

Making money available for those that are not citizens is a direct violation of the rules set down by the president as it relates to the stimulus aid. The illegals should not be allowed to have a dime of that money that has been reserved for legal citizens.

His actions show that he does not believe that SBA can handle the $2.2 trillion that it has been entrusted with. He is going to make sure that the money for Americans is given out to people from another country.

His views on how a country should be run model that of failed socialism. Newsom is not worthy to run a state like California that once stood as a picture of hope for an expanding nation.

President Trump is the one that has the best interests of the American people in his mind as he signed the stimulus bill into effect. Small businesses can receive forgivable loans to help them navigate through the tough effects of the coronavirus.

The loans can be received in the amount of $10 million or less depending on circumstances. The coronavirus has shut down thousands of businesses and forced millions out of work.

When the loans became available thousands of businesses flocked to their financial centers to apply. Each company has a certain amount of time that they can use the money to avoid interest. And they are not allowed to fire their employees.

The money was never intended to be used in sanctuary cities to fund illegals as Newsom seems to think. The state is using its taxpayer funds to give to illegals. That money should be used to improve the state for the legal residents to live in, not fund the criminals.

President Trump should be credited with saving the country. He has offered aid to other nations that have a need and he has helped the people of America.

His leadership and wisdom have led the nation through one of the worst events that have plagued the American people since the World Wars.