Newsom Scared to Death as Recall Races Forward

Gavin Newsom is the worst thing to happen to California. His religious bowing to the fake science behind the COVID-19 numbers has led to the state living in lockdown status for the better part of the year.

People have lost their jobs and are now living in the streets because he refuses to let them work and earn money to pay their bills. COVID-19 is just the latest tragedy that he has messed up in the past several years.

The first that ravaged the state were blamed on the people using their air conditioners. The absurd notion that the people caused the fires by cooling their homes was just another straw that broke the Newsom’s back. He stated that he would cut off power to the people living in these areas of the state because they were using their aid conditioners.

The real problem that was causing the fires was the mismanagement of the land around the electrical poles. Newsom would not maintain the land, so when the spark happened, it fell into the underbrush that was dry.

And from there, the fires grew into monsters just like Newsom.

The list of insanity goes on and on with the mental man. He even believes that he is immune to obedience to the laws he has put in place to control COVID-19. All of which have proven ineffective because his state has the work ratio numbers in the country.

The citizens left in the state are speaking out with their collective voices. Many districts that were once blue in the election turned red because they are tired of the inability of the Democrats to act on issues that matter.

And now that the Republicans are taking back the state, it is time for Newsom to go.

The urgency to recall Newsom is gaining steam. The judge that gave an additional 90 days to collect signatures only fueled the movement. The recall effort needs 1.5 million signatures by March 17.

And so far, they have 1.2 million. Previous efforts to get rid of Newsom failed for lack of funding. But big donors have come along hoping to see Newsom leave.

The recall effort is a plan to save California from the clutches of a known socialist. The group would love to have 2 million signatures, so any contested signatures would not interfere with the effort.

The next logical step after the signatures is to send out a statewide ballot that would essentially give the people a chance to vote on whether or not to recall the sick man or not.

It has been reported by Anne Dunsmore that “Rescue CA has a goal of getting in enough signatures to help the effort get to 2 million signatures. 1.5 million validated signatures are required to qualify a recall for a special election—rescue California.

Currently, the Secretary of State has confirmed that the signatures have been 84% valid.”

The effort has seen over $1.7 million raised to get rid of Newsom. Nine thousand different people have contributed to the effort. Once the effort is successful, Newsom would have to campaign to save his seat.

He is solely responsible for millions of lost jobs and the budget shortfall because of his lockdown measures.

The Republicans are already flocking to the gate to run against the sick little man. Newsom faces challenges from two powerful rivals that have run against him in the past. But this time around, either man would be a serious contestant in removing Newsom from power.

Newsom has faced this kind of challenge six times in two years. There is a significant hatred for the man that has so far single-handedly destroyed the once prosperous state. Newsom has turned the state into a place that no one wants to live any longer.

The high taxes and insane rules have pushed many into surrounding states.

Newsom is trying to respond by starting to open up the state.

But it will be a little too late for him. People know that he will just lock down the state as soon as he can because that is what Democrats do to people they hate.