NIH Chief Clarifies There Is No Negative Data About Delta and Children but You Should Panic Anyways

We would like to start this by saying that we understand the fear. Parents are watching the news like everyone else and it is easy to see why they are worried. They are being told that pediatric hospitals are filling up faster than ever. Is the Delta variant to blame and what should parents be doing?

Now that we are on the cusp of sending children back to school full time, parents want to know that they can do so without having to worry. However, there is little to no evidence to support the idea that there is anything real to worry about. The federal science bureaucracy is going out of their way to scare parents and things are already getting so out of hand.

Yes, anecdotal reports have their place in this world but that does not mean that we have to rely on them constantly. They are a great way to stay abreast of what is going on. Unfortunately, the mainstream media uses these stories as a means of frightening the populace. “NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins says anecdotal data indicates the delta variant results in more serious illness for children and elderly people,” Aaron Rupar shares.

This is the guy who is going to get all of our schools shut down again before the children even have a chance to learn this year. Instead of telling people that he is unsure of what is happening right now and that they are getting more information, Dr. Collins is sharing stories about how freaked out all of his doctor pals are.

Pediatricians are seeing more patients lately but what they do not know is whether this is due to a more contagious variant. It’s irresponsible for the mainstream media to claim that there are any risks at the moment when there is no data to support that. Sure, we do not need to be going with people’s personal opinions on this but it seems like a situation that we should be monitoring.

There’s no reason to panic yet but the left has found an excuse to reignite these conversations. The New York Times has looked into the matter and they have spoken with British experts about their own recent wave. Right now, they are not finding any complications that they deem worrisome:

“But in the U.K., where Delta swept through the population before the variant became widespread in the United States, experts say they have not seen clear evidence that the variant is making children sicker.

“There was a wave, there were children who became unwell,” said Dr. Elizabeth Whittaker, a pediatric infectious disease and immunology specialist at Imperial College London. “But not in the kind of, ‘Oh, my gosh, this is very different, this is worrying.’”

Yes, the horror stories do happen but how often and for how long? These are the aspects that are not being discussed. We are overloaded with scary stories at the moment but there is very little data to go on. It was interesting to see Dr. Fauci being pressed by Hugh Hewitt. To watch the nonsense that he came up with is to see lying in action. They do not care at all.

“Delta is different,” Fauci said, before launching into yet another scary anecdote: “[W]hat we’re starting to see, Hugh, and I think it’s going to unfold even more as the weeks go by, that this virus not only is so extraordinarily transmissible, but we’re starting to see pediatric hospitals get more and more younger people and kids not only numerically, but what seems to be more severe disease.”

Right now, all he is doing is speculating and causing widespread panic. This is a time when we need to be coming together and sharing information. No one wants to do that. The future of our children is at stake and all the far left wants to do is stir up all kinds of fear.