Nikole Hannah-Jones Admits She Actually Isn’t a “Professional Educator” Despite Her Being Employed as a Collegiate Faculty Member

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When you accept certain positions, you accept that other responsibilities and expectations come with it. It’s just the nature of the beast, and you need to be prepared for it. Nikole Hannah-Jones did not want these responsibilities or expectations. She just wanted to be left alone to push her agenda without having to defend it or make a remotely intelligent claim on it.

On the NBC News’ “Meet the Press” this past Sunday, she made her desire to not defend her policies and why she couldn’t very apparent. “I would say the governor’s race in Virginia was decided based on the success of a right-wing propaganda campaign that told white parents that they needed to fight against their children being indoctrinated … as being called racist.” It’s not about what people are calling you; it was about doing what was best for the children; for giving them opportunities to have parental involvement for what they are being taught.

These concepts are not surprisingly lost on her. As a radically progressive Democrat, she keeps pushing her policies because they make sense for the blinded people of color and other minorities who do not research the trash they start shoveling on the American people. This, in turn, buries the citizens in an overwhelmingly large pile of information, data, opinions, and statements that they just cannot easily respond to or work with easily.

As people go further and further away from knowing what is going on, there is a bigger push to get the people to accept unfounded information as the truth. This is an area Hannah-Jones is an expert in. ‘Professional educator’ or not, when you are a member of the faculty at any institute of higher learning, you are expected to be an educated individual, and given all the ‘core’ classes needed for each level of degree, you would expect someone working at a university to have a good grasp on the educational system.

Yet she does not. “I don’t really understand this idea that parents should decide what’s being taught. I’m not a professional educator. I don’t have a degree in social studies.” Somehow, though, she wants to instead push the 1619 Project in the school systems as a new curriculum despite not having a ‘degree in social studies’ or being a ‘professional educator.’ This disparity in her education versus her attempts to change things is just wrong.

She refuses to publicly consider herself to be an educated woman, yet she wants to shape the educational material for young minds. She doesn’t want parents (including herself) to decide what curriculum their students will learn, but she wants the school board to pick up her 1619 Project. Let the irony of this sink in for a moment.

If you are bright enough to conduct all this research to find ‘the truth’ about the history of America, and especially for people of color, then you surely should have become educated along the way. You should have learned what actually happened, and you should be able to explain it and defend it. This is a simple concept, one we teach to young children as we encourage them to explain to us what is going on in their lives, and what is happening in real-time. Yet, Hannah-Jones is unable to simply defend a program she wrote. This should not be so difficult unless she is just making up the entire project with no facts to base it on, just old tales.