Nonbinary – The Newest Category for Runners…What Sport is Next?

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We’ve seen how transgender people are getting ahead. They claim that they are a different gender than what they were born as. And we’re supposed to simply accept it even though they are stronger and faster than their competitors. We’ve seen the issue pop up in swimming, running, and more.

What about the nonbinaries of the world? These are the people who aren’t transgender. They aren’t cisgender. They simply believe that gender does not define them. And based on their appearances, you would often never guess what gender they were born as. It’s designed to be a mystery.

Some sports are learning that they have to conform to the desires of the athletes – and it seems that the sport of running has chosen to comply. There’s a new category in many half and full marathons for nonbinary runners.

Jacob Caswell has been a middle-distance runner for Columbia University. Only, they found that at the collegiate level, there was never really a place for them. They offered two divisions: men’s and women’s.

Caswell is a nonbinary, and as such, chose to compete in the men’s races. The problem is that, as reported by the New York Times, “They felt constrained by gender norms as an N.C.A.A. athlete, unable to question their gender identity or explore self-expression without risking their place on a team.”

It would be easy to simply point to science and show that there are only two genders: male and female. You can choose one based on determining the gender you were born as.

A doctor might even make the recommendation to Caswell that they seek mental health counseling if the idea of gender identity is troubling.

Road racing has decided that it’ll be the sport that takes the first plunge into the liberal madness. There’s a category of nonbinary – and the New York City Half Marathon had 21 runners in that category back in March.

Caswell is thrilled – there’s a chance to run with other nonbinaries. And because nonbinary is different than transgender, no one can really call foul that one person is stronger than another based on gender. Because, in the nonbinary world, genders don’t really exist.

It almost makes it easier than dealing with the transgenders. Yet, it’s only a matter of time before the transgenders get upset for not being inclusive. Suddenly, what was done for the nonbinaries will have to be done for everyone. There will be six or seven categories to include all of the “genders” created by the liberals – and at that point, we might as well just hand out participation trophies to everyone.

Caswell explained that “Being able to not even win but just compete as yourself, it’s just been freeing.” He was the winner of the nonbinary division at the Brooklyn Marathon on April 21. It’s unknown how many entrants there were into that category – but is it really a win at the same level as it would be on the men’s or women’s level? After all, they were competing against dozens instead of hundreds.

The Philadelphia Distance Run is even offering equal prize money to nonbinary athletes.

The trend has already been set in motion. We’re seeing the nonbinary category become more commonplace. So, it’s only a matter of time before other sports decide to jump on the liberal train. Nonbinary football? Nonbinary baseball? The possibilities are endless. Choo choo!