North Korea is Launching (More) Missiles…But Why?

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North Korea has been trying to flex for a while now. They want the world to wonder what they’re going to do next. The problem is that they’ve been launching more ballistic missiles than ever. While they claim that they’re just conducting tests, South Korea is starting to get a bit concerned – and for good reason.

Don’t we have enough going on right now? We’re dealing with COVID as a global pandemic. And we’re dealing with escalated relations between Russia and Ukraine.

It’s as if North Korea is launching ballistic missiles (their fourth launch this year) as a way to make sure that the world still knows that they exist.

There’s been a pause when it comes to diplomacy with the United States thanks to many of the pandemic border closures. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff has said that two short-range ballistic missiles have been fired from an area in Sunan. While the weapons were fired into the sea, it’s still a bit concerning.

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command has said that the missiles aren’t posing any immediate threat to U.S. personnel or its allies. However, it is proof that North Korea has an illicit weapons program.

Japan has also been quick to condemn these demonstrations as it is a threat to peace. Nobuo Kishi, the Defense Minister of Japan, shared how the missiles landed just outside of their exclusive economic zone.

Moon Jae-In, the South Korean president, ordered that officials make “utmost efforts to ensure stability” within the Korean Peninsula. The National Security Council is also looking to revive nuclear diplomacy with Pyongyang, which is where the international airport is located and also where the missiles are suspected of being launched.

We’re not even through the first month of the year and North Korea is already trying to show off its military strength. The two missiles launched last week are only part of it. Tests have also been conducted on what is purportedly a hypersonic missile.

As North Korea continues to test, the Biden administration issues fresh sanctions. However, it doesn’t seem to be acting as any kind of deterrent. In fact, many believe that the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, is, as Military Times reports “going back to a tried-and-true tactic of pressuring his neighbors and the U.S. with missile launches and outrageous threats before offering negotiations meant to extract concessions.”

So, basically, this is North Korea’s way of getting the sanctions lifted. He’ll conduct a variety of tests as a way to upset everyone. Then, he’ll sit back and negotiate as a way to calm everyone down – all the while walking away from the negotiating table with more than what he has right now.

There are just a few problems. First, there’s the potential that North Korea has nuclear-capable missiles. Second, the U.S. has been unsuccessful at convincing the country to abandon its nuclear weapons program. The North Korean government has rejected all of the Biden administration’s calls to resume dialogue.

North Korea views the sanctions as hostile, so they have vowed stronger action until the U.S. gives up its hostile approach to the country.

Considering that we have Biden in place as our president, it’s likely that he’ll cave to the demands of the North Korean dictator. The only question left is how many more demonstrations will be done (and how dangerous it will be) until Biden finally caves.