Now Joe Biden Has a #MeToo Problem

Creepy Uncle Joe has had a problem with pawing and sniffing women in public for quite some time. His supporters have tried to maintain that it is no big deal, just a charming if off-putting eccentricity. However, the latest accusation, levied by a former staffer, goes beyond gross.

Yahoo Lifestyle explains:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden is facing a new sexual assault allegation, from a woman named Tara Reade, who says she has been trying to share her story since 1993 when it allegedly happened. Reade’s allegation comes amid Biden’s surging presidential campaign and is consistent with other stories women have shared about their discomfort with the way Biden has touched them.”

At first, Reade’s account described Biden putting her hands on her shoulders and running his fingers up and down her neck, making her feel uncomfortable. Recently, she added some more details.

According to Reade’s account, Biden backed her up against the wall and, putting his hand under her clothes, to decorously as possible describe it, “digitally penetrated her.” He also tried to kiss her against her will. Biden suggested that they “go elsewhere.” When Reade declined and pulled away, the then-senator exclaimed, “Come on, man, I heard you liked me.”

Afterward, when it became clear that Reade was not going to submit to his advances, according to her account, he said, “You’re nothing to me. You’re nothing.” Then he stomped off, leaving her shattered.

On the one hand, Biden himself, as recently as the Bret Kavanaugh affair, that women must be believed when they accuse predator men of unseemly things. Thus far he has not said that this principle applies when he is the target of the accusations.

On the other hand. Hot Air counsels some degree of skepticism, at least for the gross part involving Biden’s hands and Reade’s lady parts.

Hoo boy. On one hand, this has to be treated with at least some level of skepticism. Not only did Reade not tell this story publicly at the time, but she also withheld this particular accusation at the same time she went public with her other harassment claims against Biden last year. Reade explains why she didn’t tell everything at that time and does so fairly well, but it’s not entirely convincing either. Especially in the wake of #MeToo and the Kavanaugh hearings the year before, why didn’t Reade lead with the sexual assault claim in April 2019?”

Hot Air posits that the timing of the story would be extremely convenient for the folks in the Democratic back rooms who are getting increasingly panic-stricken about nominating a man whose mental faculties seem to be slipping away by the moment. Trotting out a #Metoo accusation on top of all that might be just enough to allow Biden to be tossed overboard in favor of someone else, say, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-New York.

In the wake of the full-scale assault on Bret Kavanaugh, the accusation against Biden places the Democrats in an untenable position. It’s worse than the Kavanaugh affair. The now-Supreme Court Justice was a teenager when he alleged to have done the things he is accused of doing. Biden was a mature man, a long-serving senator, and married when he is alleged to have assaulted Reade.

And, it goes almost without saying, the story has much to say about the media and the ways it approaches these kinds of stories.

“It certainly tells us what hypocrisy means. Reade’s accusation has more specificity, her connection to her alleged assaulter much more well established, and the accused has a long history of inappropriate behavior and touching around women. If Biden was a Republican, and especially a GOP nominee for president, the mainstream media would have crucified him long before this. That doesn’t mean we should, as we don’t know all of the facts yet and some of them simply can’t be knowable after 27 years. However, we can certainly point out the hypocrisy of the media who use #MeToo as a convenient and only occasional tool for accountability.”

It will be interesting to see if other women now come forward with similar stories of gross, sexual assault. In a way, the media’s forbearance in covering such stories when their favored politicians are involved are chickens coming home to roost.

Many people remember how Bill Clinton was treated around the same time Biden is alleged to have backed Reade against the wall. Even Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegation caused eye-rolling among the media, even and especially female reporters. Now some suggest that the Democratic nomination process is about to be thrown into chaos.