NY Landlords Breathe Sigh of Relief as Supreme Court Blocks Liberal Regulations

The Democrats terrorizing New York have tried to damage landlords by allowing renters to skip paying their rent if they do not have the money to pay their bills. Liberals praised the decision because they love to hurt the business owner. They cannot stand to see people making a lot of money on things they love doing. But the decision was not made without a fight coming from Republicans looking out for freedom and the American dream.

The Supreme Court keeps freedoms from being taken away by the Democrats. They had to intervene and stop the liberals from taking over and killing off the rental market—their attempt to turn housing into a socialist nightmare.

The Supreme Court took the right action and blocked the state’s eviction moratorium. The 6-3 decision went right down party-affiliated lines. The nasty liberal judges think that the Democrats can keep people from collecting their rent. Most landlords have mortgages to pay on their properties. They are at risk of losing their homes because the renters are living there for free.

Stephen Breyer wrote in favor of the eviction laws with the other two justices. But the rest of the judges agreed that “The court’s order was unsigned and stressed that it applied only to a part of a state law that bars the eviction of tenants who file a form saying they have suffered economic setbacks as result of the pandemic. ‘This scheme violates the court’s longstanding teaching that ordinarily ‘no man can be a judge in his own case’ consistent with the Due Process Clause.’”

The pandemic caused a lot of hardships for a lot of people. But the pointless lockdowns and over regulations handed down from the Democrats just compounded the problem. States that allowed people to work are not facing a rental crisis. Those people were able to work, so they were able to afford their rent. The liberals created the mess, and now they want to punish the property owners by not allowing them to evict their tenants.

Several moratoriums are on the chopping block. One of the most recent ones to pop up was the one-handed down from the Center for Disease Control. For some strange reason, they think they can now dictate how businesses should be run and respond to people not paying their bills.

Any attempt by the federal or state level governments to dictate such a moratorium is unconstitutional. Joe Biden and his strange administration act like America is a socialist nightmare. They do not have the right to interfere in private business.

Stephen Collinson from CNN tried to defend Biden’s choice by stating that the “crushing humanitarian and political pressure left him no choice but to take a chance on an emergency move.” But Biden did have a choice. He could have stayed out of the issue and let the business take care of business.

The judge’s report went on to note that “The case was brought by several small landlords who said they had endured severe hardship and even homelessness because of the part of the law allowing eviction proceedings to be suspended by the filing of a form. The law does not relieve tenants of their obligation to pay rent or block lawsuits for unpaid rents.”

Biden has even admitted that he has extended his moratorium because he wanted to drag his feet to give the House time to work out a plan to screw over the American business owner.

Curt Levey noted that “In fact, Biden admitted that he was acting to buy ‘some additional time’ before the courts could strike down his obviously unlawful directive. Unfortunately for Biden, the Constitution makes no exceptions for buying time, dangerous viruses, or sympathetic situations like renters facing eviction. Never mind Biden’s lack of sympathy for all the small landlords whose struggles to avoid bankruptcy are imperiled by Biden’s extension.”

The great thing about Biden’s actions is that he can be impeached for it. The sad part is that the Democrats will not uphold the Constitution and impeach one of their own. Biden is safe as long as Democrats are controlling the reigns.