NYC Parents Have A Few Choice Words for Mayor Adams

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All across New York City, parents are trying to figure out if they made the right decision by voting in Eric Adams. At least with Bill de Blasio, it was the devil they knew. They expected that things would be better with Adams. They believed all of his campaign promises about making NYC a better place to live and work.

They’ve learned their lesson. A Democrat is still a Democrat. They can’t be trusted.

And now, New York City parents are dealing with kids who are still masked inside of the classroom.

The threat of COVID is essentially over. The entire state of New York has lifted the mask mandate. People are able to walk into restaurants, theaters, clubs, and everywhere else without a mask. So, why is it that students in public schools are still forced to suffocate in their classrooms for seven to eight hours a day?

According to Eric Adams, it’s all about following the science. Yet, that’s not accurate at all.

The mask mandates have been lifted for everyone – except for those in NYC public schools.

As a result, over 100 parents showed up in City Hall Park to protest. As one mother of three, Daniela Jampel explained, “The mandate is not following the science. This is making a mockery of the science. This is playing us for fools.” She pointed out that the rest of the state acknowledges the science – which is why schools in Nassau and Westchester Counties, just 10 miles away from NYC, allow students to breathe by eliminating the mask mandate.

The CDC has said from the beginning that children under the age of 18 are less likely to be impacted by COVID-19. Less than one percent of that demographic will need to be hospitalized due to COVID symptoms – and less than one percent of that group would ever die from COVID.

Further, the science has shown that masks have actually been detrimental to children. And it’s not simply because it cuts off the fresh air to the body. It’s also because children depend on facial cues – and with masks on their faces, they cannot receive those.

There seems to be some contradictory points happening in NYC. The city’s health czar, Dr. Ashwin Vasan, has stated that “I think it’s indefinite at this point. People who have tried to predict the future in this pandemic have had egg on their face, and I’m not going to do that today.” Oh, so he’s more of a fear-monger than Dr. Fauci. Fantastic.

Meanwhile, Mayor Adams told an irate parent that “I got this. I’ll take care of this. They’ll be unmasked.”

Well, who’s calling the shots in NYC, Vasan or Adams?

Vasan needs to look at the data to understand that the threat of COVID is gone. He might also want to familiarize himself with what the American Academy of Pediatrics has reported, which includes that “between 0.1 and 1.5 percent of children need hospitalization when they contract COVID-19.”

If Adams plans on carrying through on his promises to the people, he needs to stop listening to Vasan. The health czar clearly has no idea what is good for the children of NYC or anyone else. He wants to see children suffocate in the classrooms.

NYC parents aren’t getting the results they expected when they decided to vote for Eric Adams.

Meanwhile, Democrats across the state still think they have a fighting chance of holding onto their stronghold in the midterm elections. If Adams can’t figure out how to make parents happy – and soon – the entire state may be in for a shock by the time the year ends.