NYC’s Mayor Can’t Figure Out Why Tourism Is Down While Demanding to Double Mask

Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City, has had his hand out for close to a year now. He wants government bailout money to keep the city afloat. After all, his liberal politics have driven away tourism.

New York City receives a significant amount of money in taxes from tourism every year. From the restaurants to the Broadway shows to the various events that take place, it all brings people into the Big Apple.

However, de Blasio has driven people away. He’s kept the city on lockdown far longer than necessary. He allowed riots to continue for far longer than should have been allowed.

Crime rates are up. It doesn’t bode well for tourism. It turns out people don’t want to visit NYC if they think they’re going to be shot, stabbed, or raped.

Various businesses have packed up and left, too. They were simply tired of dealing with the liberal laws that de Blasio imposed.

As a result, New York City doesn’t have the funding that it used to have. Now, if de Blasio were even partly competent as a mayor, he’d open businesses and focus on appeasing the tourists. He could get NYC booming again, even while being safe during the pandemic.

However, de Blasio just doesn’t get it. Instead of trying to boost his economy, he’s decided to tank it even more.

He’s encouraged New Yorkers to wear not one but two masks until at least June. That means that he plans on literally taking everyone’s breath away for three months and maybe even longer.

No one likes wearing a mask. They do it because it can flatten the curve and protect against COVID-19, but it’s a nuisance.

Now, when COVID cases are dropping considerably and more people are getting vaccinated daily, there should be hope, not despair.

In a press conference, de Blasio wanted to share this practice with residents. He said to wear two masks and to “continue that guidance” until… well, until they know what is going on.

Well, that’s not exactly an invitation to book a flight to New York City anytime soon. Tourists have kept their distance from the city because of such a closed approach. With new regulations of being told to wear a second mask, it’s discouraging, to say the least.

And why? Why a second mask now when things are getting better?

It’s as if de Blasio wants to see New York City completely and utterly fail. If there’s not enough tax money coming in, the federal government will have to give him a bailout, right? That’s what he’s banking on at this point.

Two masks aren’t necessarily better than one.

A study from the Centers for Disease Control focused on multi-layered masking but also talked about how a properly fitting mask can reduce exposure. Many masks being worn have several layers and even charcoal filters. So, double masking in that kind of situation does nothing but cause more discomfort.

Mayor de Blasio can make sure that everyone’s wearing two masks, but he’s still not going to open all of the schools to the fullest.

He’s doing a bang-up job as mayor. Children can’t get a decent education, residents have to practically smother themselves with masks to go out in public, and crime is showing up with greater frequency all across the city.

Meanwhile, de Blasio is scratching his head to figure out why tourism has dropped so significantly. He can’t figure out how to keep a balanced budget in place with the reduced revenue that NYC is experiencing.

How is it possible that a mayor can be this clueless? The solution is simple – New York City needs to open things up. The economy can’t possibly be repaired until things are open.

As for a government bailout, that will only fix the problem if de Blasio opens things up. Otherwise, he’ll have his hand out again in just a few months.