NYU Professor is Essentially Trying to Thin the Herd…Starting with the Unvaccinated

Michael Bihlmayer / shutterstock.com
Michael Bihlmayer / shutterstock.com

Those who have decided not to get the vaccine have their reasons. Some have chosen not to get jabbed because they feel that the issue is too politically charged or because they have medical concerns. Others have chosen not to get jabbed because they have medical reasons. Even more have already had COVID and, therefore, have the protection through the antibodies.

Regardless of why a person has chosen not to get the vaccine, that’s their decision. They know their risks, and they are perfectly willing to move forward.

Well, that’s not good enough for one NYU professor. He’d rather make life even harder for the unvaccinated…and if they perish in the process, so be it.

We’ve heard the concepts of thinning the herd. It’s a form of natural selection where we let the weak die off.

Yet, Arthur Caplan, a professor of bioethics at NYU has decided that it’s time to penalize those who haven’t gotten vaccinated.

In an interview with John Berman on CNN, Berman asked if we, the vaccinated and boosted, should be doing anything to help keep the unvaccinated safe at this point.

That’s when Caplan explained, “I want us to act as a community. I want us to act as a team. We’re fighting a war and need all hands on deck. I don’t want to reject those who still haven’t done the right thing. I’ll condemn them. I’ll shame them. I’ll blame them, but I don’t want to exclude them.”

Yet, he actually does want to exclude them as he talks about the penalties that he wants to push onto the unvaccinated – higher hospital bills, the inability to get life insurance, and even higher disability insurance rates.

Berman points out that the unvaccinated who choose not to wear masks and social distance are actually making it harder for those who are following the rules. He says that it’s “bizarre irony where the ones who are behaving are the ones being told to behave 10x more.”

If Caplan were in charge, he’d simply shame everyone. But, would that actually work? There are plenty of people who are currently unvaccinated who already don’t have life insurance or disability insurance. And as for hospital bills, is that really how we want to respond? After all, we actually have COVID treatments available now.

Perhaps that’s the question that we really have to be asking. Why are we worried about who is and isn’t vaccinated at this point when there’s a treatment?

And, perhaps even more importantly, why aren’t we talking about natural immunity since it has to be affecting quite a large percentage of the population at this point?

Yet, we’re dealing with the Biden administration. They’re not known for their genius thoughts. The administration has also decided that they like the idea of penalizing the unvaccinated. Essentially, they’ll establish a work tax with OSHA so that those who choose not to get vaccinated will have to undergo frequent tests. And the cost of all of that testing will fall squarely on the employee.

It’s not fair, especially when people should be allowed to make their own choices.

Shaming the unvaccinated? Please. Let’s just let everyone do as they please. After all, last we checked, this is still the United States and we still have medical freedom, at least for now.