Obama Campaign Manager Explains a Sanders-Trump Lineup Would Be a Trump Win

There’s still a large playing field of Dems who are going to be on the primaries ballot. However, the campaign manager for Obama explains why running against Bernie Sanders would be the best thing for Trump in 2020.

Jim Messina, the one responsible for Obama’s 2012 campaign, said that if Sanders were to win the Democratic presidential nomination, it would be welcoming news for President Trump.

Messina identified that he’d want to run against Sanders if he were Trump. The explanation comes down to the contrast between the two candidates. Trump can say that he’s all about business, the economy is booming, and oh, yeah, Sanders is a socialist.

Most people aren’t looking to have a socialist take office because it’s too different than what they are used to. Even those who want to mix it up from the status quo are uneasy about a socialist – and that’s what Sanders is promising Americans. Many of those who are supporting Sanders are leftists who don’t understand the meaning of socialism.

They simply accept liberal news as truth and have been brainwashed by the likes of Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, making promises of all that the government can give them without having to go out and earn it themselves. Those voting for Sanders are the epitome of the entitled generation who have their hand out saying, “Please sir, I want some more.”

There are quite a few moderate Democratic candidates that could be a threat to Trump because they’re offering something different without swinging completely to the left. This includes not only Joe Biden but also Pete Buttigieg.

As Messina said, socialism isn’t what Dems want to defend when it comes to the general election. It’s what will get Sanders in trouble as people will want to know more about socialism than where he stands on all of the other issues.

These comments come just as the Sanders campaign is experiencing a renewed surge prior to the Iowa caucuses. Some of the most recent polls show that Sanders is taking the lead in Iowa, which means that he’s taken the lead from Buttigieg and Biden, two moderates who have recently held the lead.

According to national polls, however, Sanders is still trailing Biden.

Messina has been voicing concerns about Sanders and his viability in the general election. However, he has chosen not to support any of the Democrats in the running.

Mike Casca, the communications director for the Sanders campaign has come back with comments of his own. Casca said that Messina should spend less time courting CEOs in boardrooms and more time witnessing “the incredible energy” being generated by Bernie’s campaign, which has set an all-time record of five million individual donations.

While that number appears impressive, there are more than 100 million voters in the country – and more are going to vote for Trump than for a candidate who is claiming that socialism is the answer. Casca also put in a little knife twister about saying hi to Theresa May, the British Prime Minister who hired Messina to work on her campaign team.

The Democrats don’t want to talk about any of the candidates that they have because they’re worried that none of them have the viability to beat Trump in the general election. It’s one of the reasons why they have been working so hard to impeach Trump – it’s the one way they feel that they can actually win to get a Democrat into the Oval Office.

Messina may be on to something. He hasn’t chosen to endorse any of the candidates, which is likely because he doesn’t like any of them. Even Obama has chosen not to endorse any of the candidates, even though the most likely one for him to have backed would have been Biden.

With many Dems likely following the same thought process as Messina, their vote would likely go to Trump over Sanders. It was the way that people went in 2016, too, choosing to go with a businessman with a history of being able to turn finances around as opposed to a crooked politician who already had time in the White House in the capacity of First Lady.

There may not be anyone who can beat Trump from the Democratic side. However, if Sanders were to garner enough votes to get the Democratic presidential run, it would make life easier on the Trump campaign as they wouldn’t have to do much in order to secure the win.