Obama Official Who Hid Russian Collusion Info is Using Her Lies to Get Elected

When someone admits to lying, especially in a very public way, you would think the last thing they would do is to turn right around then and use that same lie to try and improve your career. But apparently, we can’t claim that former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russian, Ukraine, and Eurasia Evelyn Farkas is smart enough to understand this. After all, she did agree to lie for Obama on national television.

Farkas, as a devout Democrat, dedicated to the cause of honoring Obama’s presidency of failures, while at the same time preventing President Trump from righting those wrongs, lied on national television in March of 2017.

While sitting with MSNBC for an interview, she became one of the first to publicly claim that President Trump had colluded with the Russian government in an effort to win the presidential election in 2016.

Furthermore, she claimed that she and the Obama administration had proof of such cooperation. And Farkas made insinuations that if they didn’t investigate this, that proof just might be seized upon by the new Trump administration and ruined.

She said, “The Trump folks, if they found out how we knew what we knew about the staff, the Trump’s staff dealings with Russians, that they would try to compromise those sources and methods. Meaning, we would no longer have access to that intelligence.”

However, her tune changed dramatically when the actual investigation began.

Naturally, with her supposed inside information, Farkas was called to stand before the House Intelligence Committee later that year in June. And since she was under oath and could face perjury charges if not honest, Farkas admitted that the administration really didn’t have any information on the Trump campaign in regards to possible Russian collusion.

Then-Representative and House Intelligence Committee member Trey Gowdy asked Farkas how she knew what she claimed to have known because, at the time, when she said it, she no longer worked for the government.

Farkas responded that she “didn’t know anything.”

This transcription, as well as dozens of others, was recently released by the government, as the case is now closed and ruled as wholly debunked. The whole thing was a ruse, a way to try and make it seem as though Trump had illegitimately won the White House. However, it seems the only illegitimate thing going on was the accusations of the left.

Farkas, as well as many others whose previous lies caught up with them during the investigation, was brought to her knees. It should have been a wake-up call for her, a time to reflect and turn to a different kind of behavior, one that was more honorable than lying for political gain.

But, of course, she did not.

Because now she is running for Congress, New York’s 17th District, to be exact. And guess what she is using as one of her most engaging talking points…

Yep, Russian collusion and how she was one of the first to bring the nation’s attention to it.

Her campaign website actually says, “By the time she left the Pentagon, Evelyn was shocked at how urgently our own democracy needed protection. She was one of the first to raise the alarm about President Trump’s corrupt times to Russia. She was attacked by Fox News, Sean Hannity, and conservative media, but she will not be silenced.”

I mean, can you imagine telling a lie, having to admit that lie, and then going back to touting the same lie when it’s already been proven to be false?

That’s some kind of stupid.

But the left will buy it, I’m sure. After all, they still think Russia’s connected to the White House in the evilest of ways.

And to say that Farkas “won’t be silenced…” Come on. What would you call what happened when she was put on the stand?

When it came to her self-preservation, she was quickly silenced.

So basically, her bark is far worse than her bite. Farkas is more than willing to say whatever she needs to raise her position, whether already inside the White House under Obama or now as a want-to-be member of Congress.

It’s just a shame that one of the only things she can be credited with, outing Trump’s collusion with Russia, has already been proven as a bald-faced lie.

But, good luck, Evelyn. You’re going to need it.