Obamacare Found to Violate Rights of the People

The Affordable Care Act is the greatest tragedy in the past decade. Obnoxious Obama thought that it would be a good idea to force people to buy something that they did not want to buy. Something unconstitutional and unethical.

The healthcare plan was forced on the populous and penalties were enacted for violators of the new plan. But that all changed when President Trump was elected, and he made it his first mission to rid the population of the forced penalties.

The matter ended up in court because the devilish Democrats fought the challenges of the president. The judge over the case was Reed O’Connor. He was a judge in the Northern District of Texas. He concluded that the Affordable Care Act was not permissible because it violated the rights of the people. It was unconstitutional. The next level of the courts would rule that one of the parts was unconstitutional as well.

The case was sent back to O’Connor to determine if any other parts of the plan should be “struck down.” Judge O’Connor is the thorn to the Democrats. He is looking to destroy the final legacy that Obama left when he ran out of office. Cowardly Obama was known for doing unconstitutional things. He set up the DACA program and forced healthcare on the people. He was a danger to the American people.

The dangerous Democrats are looking for ways around the standoff in court. They are trying to salvage what is left of their failed attempt at healthcare. Xavier Becerra is with the attorney general’s office of California is working on moving it to the Supreme Court. But even there he knows it is a futile attempt at illegally forcing corruption on the people.

One professor of law, Jonathan H. Adler, believes that it is a long shot. For the Supreme Court to hear the case the matter must work its way through all the lower courts first. President Trump has made the courts better by making the way more conservative than they ever have been in the past.

Another professor of law, Nicholas Bagley, stated that “This is an unusual case, and the writing for the ACA is on the wall. So, the court might opt to hear it now.” He believes that justice is about to be served and the Affordable Care Act will be done away with once and for all. Judge O’Connor is sitting in the best position to destroy the horrible healthcare plan.

The demonic Democrats and lawless liberals are hopeful that the healthcare plan will be upheld by the Supreme Court. They are hoping that it will become a stumbling block to all conservatives. The Democrats are a bunch of vicious people that seek out how they can harm others around them. They sit back and laugh at the trouble that they can cause.

One rather unorthodox and idiotic professor from Yale believes that the courts are dancing around the issue for he says “As the dissent says, severability is a question of law — the court doesn’t need more briefing or facts to determine.

Instead, it sent the case back to a judge who has made his distaste for the entire ACA unclear.” He is saying that the lower courts are intimidated by the plan and are delaying their opinions until the Supreme Court is forced into the situation.

The cautious courts have pushed the decision back to O’Connor until he can say one way or the other that some or all parts of the healthcare plan are unconstitutional or not. The fact remains that people are afraid to kill the plan because they do not want to be labeled as a merciless person because they would have stripped away healthcare from millions of people.

But stripping away the bad plan gives the Republicans the chance to put a real beneficial plan in its place. President Trump wants only the best for the nation. He has done away with the trash that Obama left and put things in place that will help the country.