Obamacare Threatens To Nuke Democrat’s Midterm Dreams

txking / shutterstock.com

Midterm elections are always an interesting time for politics in the US. While many casual voters tend to ignore these elections because a President isn’t being chosen, anyone who knows their government or anyone who cares knows the midterm elections are the ones to closely watch. The number of changes in offices and the way laws will be decided can be absolutely brutal when the President has been doing a horrific job. As you have seen, Biden has been one of the worst in decades.

Democrats, as a result, are being destroyed in the projections for the midterm elections, and it looks to get much worse thanks to Obamacare. Roughly a year ago, President Biden gave the Americans something they wanted; a huge influx of cash to help the Affordable Care Act to cover more and get insurance coverage for more Americans. Now, they’ve gotten used to these changes, but now their coverage through this funding is about to run out. Six months before the midterms is not a good time for a political implosion.

Without a renewal of these subsidies, the Democrats stand little to no chance in the midterms. This signature accomplishment to build on Obama’s back is something Biden and the Democrats are incredibly proud of. Should this go away at such a crucial time, and the insurance premiums of all these voters spike at one time, that’s a huge number of votes lost. The American people see a weak party, with a weak President who won’t protect them, and the entire party becomes corrupt and suspect as a rule in the voters’ eyes. Granted, the Democrats have been leaving their voters out to dry for ages, they only now are starting to wake up to it in small droves.

This has the potential to impact the everyday lives of 13 million Americans and add hundreds to their monthly expenses. Considering the massive factor of inflation and how overpriced things are now, these are the kind of price increases the average American simply cannot afford to take on right now. In turn, if they cannot afford to live with Democrats’ horrible give and take programs, they will stop living with the Democrats.

Sabrina Corlette, co-director of the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy is deeply concerned about the possibility of this kind of change. Especially with it arriving in October. “It’s not a good look when you’re going into a midterm election… There could be some really awful stories about people losing coverage.”

After growing up around people who were reliant on government programs for healthcare, housing, and food for four generations, you learn just how bad these kinds of cuts can impact people.

In polls, health care affordability is consistently a top concern, typically coming in just behind inflation. These incentives and pushes for Americans to sign up added 2.5 million people to the Obamacare rosters in a single year. Considering how badly COVID messed up our healthcare system and pointed out just how glaringly wrong it is being run, most Americans started to realize just how bad off they would be if things aren’t fixed and they have health coverage. Hence, the uptick in Obamacare cases.

Emily Gee, the coordinator for health policy at the progressive-minded Center for American Progress works closely with the Biden administration and knows how this can play out. “This was a major accomplishment…[But] when fall rolls around, people are going to be looking at higher premiums, and that will be what’s salient — not the fact that Congress lowered premiums.”

She’s not the only one close to the Biden administration who sees this coming. Those closest to him know the one way to save this is to make a deal with Manchin, and that is increasingly unlikely since all they keep bringing him is trash.