Obama’s Doctor Disagrees with Biden’s Health Assessment

Last week a report came out about former Vice President Joe Biden’s health. The three-page document gave a summary of all his past health issues, treatments, and surgeries and was endorsed by his doctor. And while that doctor declared Biden as a healthy 77-year-old, other doctors are not so convinced.

Dr. David Scheiner, who served as former President Barack Obama’s doctor for 22 years, says Biden “isn’t a healthy guy,” after all. Scheiner is also concerned that the former VP may have something far more serious going on than his report indicates.

According to The Daily Mail, the doctor’s most significant concern if that Biden seems to be at risk of a stroke. Therefore, he would like to see a few other tests run on Biden before a complete synopsis of the man’s health can be determined.

“Dr. David Scheiner, 81, said he is worried about Biden’s risk of a stroke after the letter disclosed he is taking cholesterol medication and has an irregular heartbeat, having previously suffered from aneurysms.”

“Dr. Scheiner, who treated Obama for 22 years before he became president, added that he would like to see the results of an MRI or CT scan, which were not included.”

Scheiner said he would also like to review the results of a sleep study, given Biden had operations on his nasal passages to treat sleep apnea.”

In the previous health report put out by Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, most of the issues mentioned above were included. However, they seemed to be unrelated conditions that posed little, if any threat to the man.

What Dr. Scheiner implies is precisely the opposite. While a few of Biden’s past conditions or treatments he has undergone pose little of a negative impact on their own, the combination of them all could spell out disaster for the man.

Fox News reports, “In his report, O’Connor said that Biden is currently being treated for non-valvular atrial fibrillation, better known as Afib, which is an irregular heartbeat. He said Biden is also being treated for hyperlipidemia, which is an abnormally high concentration of fats or lipids in the blood (high cholesterol), as well as gastroesophageal reflux, a digestive disorder that occurs when acidic stomach juices, or food and fluids, back up from the stomach into the esophagus. And he noted that Biden – as many Americans do – suffers from seasonal allergies.”

Scheiner admits that Biden isn’t is horrible shape “for his age,” but that doesn’t mean he is excellent health either. He says that Biden “has a lot of issues that are sort of just there.” But at any moment they could turn dangerous. This is particularly true of his ‘persistent’ atrial fibrillation, Dr. O’Conner referred to it as.

Dr. Scheiner also says that the previous report mentions treatments and surgeries that were not included in any other reports while also keeping things somewhat vague, according to the Washington Examiner.

“But the latest health information doesn’t mention details of any checkups that likely occurred to screen him for future issues. The report also included mention of surgeries that hadn’t been previously disclosed, including one for an enlarged prostate. Previously, the public only knew Biden had received treatment for the disorder.”

“Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who wrote the assessment, also stated that Biden had “received multiple physical therapy treatments and surgeries, for various sports medicine and orthopedic injuries,” but declined to specify any further.”

“I had no idea Biden has such a history. My goodness gracious, he’s got a lot of history,” Scheiner said.”

It is important to note that Scheiner is no conservative. He is not reporting on this to undo Biden’s chances or sway votes away from any particular candidate. As a full-blooded, loyal Democrat, it is pretty much guaranteed that he will vote for whoever the Democrats choose as their nominee.

But just as we have to question the motives of Dr. O’Connor for his report, we also have to wonder if there is some reason that Dr. Scheiner has went public with his opinion. Does Team Obama possibly have something to do with it? After all, Obama has not endorsed Biden as everyone assumed he would. Biden says this is because he specifically asked Barack not to endorse him so he could get to the White House on his own power. But we aren’t so sure we believe that. I mean who wouldn’t want to be endorsed by a man who might ensure much of the black vote so desperately needed.