Oh We Miss His Sense of Humor! Trump on Fauci: He Throws the Baseball Better Than He Predicts (Video)

When President Trump joined Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly for an interview recently, we knew that we were going to be in for some hilarious quotes. The man himself did not let us down in that regard. He’s a walking one-liner. Trump finally got his chance to strike back at Dr. Fauci and we cannot stop laughing.

“I get along with him very well. I liked him. But he was basically a “salesman.” And he throws the baseball better than he predicts. That I can tell you… Had I listened to Fauci, we would have never had masks, we would have never banned China, we would have never banned Europe. You know I banned China and he was totally against it. I banned Europe, when Italy and all of those places had problems. I banned them way early,” Trump said.

Trump’s able to say a lot without having to say too much. Those who thought that he would be silenced were dead wrong. They may have been able to take his Twitter account away but they cannot keep him from speaking his truths. There are still many who are looking to be told more about what is really going on.

For starters, there are many who believe that Trump and Dr. Fauci were constantly at odds. Trump’s not the type to hold grudges. Anyone who thought that he was going to be going off on him during this interview was sorely mistaken. That’s not his style.

He’s more likely to make a joke and move on. To be quite honest, this is one element that is missing from the current administration. They can barely keep Biden on task half the time, so expecting him to come up with a clever quip along the way is probably too much to ask. Harris doesn’t strike us as much of a funny person, either.

This milquetoast administration is more worried about making sure that we are kissing up to the rest of the world but foreign leaders are already losing whatever respect they may have had for us. Putin’s posing in sheepskin coats after Biden’s pitiful attempts to call him a killer. It’s getting scary for anyone who is wondering why the leader of the free world is no longer respected.

Maybe one day we can have another president who tells it like it is and isn’t scared to crack a joke or two. Biden may have brought back the sheen of respectability that seems to only exist in the mind of Democrats but there’s not much else that he brings to the table. He’s basically what would happen if a bowl of tapioca pudding had been able to steal a presidency.

Speaking of which, Trump has seemed to power down on the election theft front. That’s not to say that he has given up entirely but maybe he is more concerned with a different from of messaging these days? There’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s be as real as we possibly can here, if you will be so willing to indulge us.

At a certain point, no one wants to hear that you lost the game. It’s the equivalent of losing a hotly contested ballgame because you did not get the right calls from referees. Yes, the fans are going to be on your side when you complain about it in the post-game presser but after a while, people are ready to move on. If he’s going to run again in 2024, the last thing that he needs to do is alienate everyone.

In the meantime, we look forward to hearing more interviews with him. The fact that he has lost his Twitter account may even be a blessing in disguise. Now, he is free to give more substantive interviews and the mainstream media isn’t as quick to ascribe their own meanings to his words. It’s a great watch if you haven’t seen it already.