One Democrat Chokes on His Words as He Gives Credit to President Trump

The media continues to put its proverbial foot into its big mouth every time they deny that something can’t be done, and it ends up happening. Every time the president took to the podium during the pandemic and stated that a vaccine would be developed in record time, they were quick to say things to the contrary.

Even their liberal owners denied that a vaccine could be made in such a quick time frame.

But as Pfizer’s vaccine rolled off the assembly line, Democrats and the media have had to eat their words. The humbling effect of them watching people receive their first shots was worth the wait for many Americans.

Vice President Mike Pence has since received his first dose as well as many other Americans.

With every shot provided to people, it is just another “told ya so moment” for those that said it could not be done. But for everyone that believed in Operation Warp Speed, the shots are a moment of triumph as it signifies a defining moment of the American spirit.

President Trump used the private sector to prove that the government does not have all the answers to every solution. Sometimes the people need to step in and take care of business. This point alone drives the liberals crazy as they believe that people cannot contribute too much and the government should be the ones doing all of the providing and protecting.

President Trump took the idea of competition and put it to work for the vaccine. He enlisted several companies to come up with a vaccine, and it worked. As companies raced to be the first, the vaccine came into being and became a reality.

Pfizer’s vaccine was the first to hit the stage as Operation Warp Speed started producing results. But what is truly amazing about the moment is not that the vaccine is ready, but what would take place once it became a reality.

The vaccine caused Democrats to eat their words and proved to the world that the media does not always have the story right.

Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin had to eat his criticizing words when he was forced to give President Trump credit for the amazing work that he did to see the vaccine into a reality. The president deserves all the credit, but he is the type of person who would pass the credit onto the men and women who worked hard to make it all happen.

Dick Durbin would state that “The Warp Speed project appears to be a dramatic success, and I pray that it will be. Although I’ve been a frequent critic of this administration, I want to give them credit for organizing this effectively and delivering a vaccine in a timely way, almost amazing timely way.”

Yet others such as cranky Kamala Harris and cooked Cuomo would only mock the vaccine and tell people that they would not take the vaccine because it was the president who had it developed.

They would rather die than give credit where it belongs.

Cuomo blasted away that he would only let it into New York if his own team analyzed it first. The royal pain Cuomo needed to have his cupbearer test it out to make sure that it was not poison being given to him. He lives thinking that President Trump is looking to assassinate every last liberal in the country.

There will always be some level of apprehension regarding a new drug on the market. But to sit there and say things like Cuomo and Harris both stated is more than fear. It is outright hatred for a Republican president.

Dr. Fauci may be a flip-flopper, but he does know a few things. He stated that the vaccine is safe and can be used confidently despite how fast it was developed. Just because something is developed quickly does not mean that it is unsafe.

The greatest thing about the vaccine is that the Democrats had to eat their words and give the president credit for developing the vaccine. This is the one time in over four years that President Trump finally got credit for all of his hard work.