Oops! Pelosi Mistakenly Admits the Truth During A Ranting About Impeachment

When people lie and work on deceiving others daily, they tend to let the truth slip out inadvertently.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and all of the Democrats have worked diligently to remove President Trump from office since he won the 2016 election against the notorious Hillary Clinton.

Those idiots Pelosi chose to present their case of deception to the Senate is no surprise.  The partisan team of Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff have been the ones chosen by “Nervous Nancy.” Another shot below the belt has been selected by Pelosi.  Zoe Lofgren is the third manager of the impeachment.

Anyone who listens carefully will find reporters from the “fake news” media outlets and the Democrats are contradicting everything in the transition from a Democrat president to the Republican president we have now.  Reports and videos show what Pelosi and the other Democrats said in the past.  The truth is there for the finding.

As for Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, it comes as no surprise, but adding Zoe Lofgren to the list of managers was a bit strange.  Those who deny the conspiracies of the front runners will have a hard time explaining this one.

ABC News is one of those who tend to side with the Democrats.  However, they hide their agendas a little better than the rest of the news media out there.  Steve Guest posted on Twitter about what was said about Lofgren from ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos.

Guest stated, “FLASHBACK:  Meet the Democrats’ impeachment manager Zoe Lofgren.  Last month, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos called her out for her hypocrisy on the ‘partisan use of impeachment.’

If an ABC show host is willing to spill the beans about a manager for an impeachment trial, it shows it is a slander against democracy and America put in front of the public eye.

It should force people who are against Trump to wake up and see what the Democrats are doing.  They are making a joke out of the system put in place for a president who did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve impeachment.  It is a mockery!

All of those who were against former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment was known as “partisan.”  Now those same people are working to push President Trump out the door.  They are still being called “partisan.”

Adam Schiff got to his position by campaigning against one of the managers from the Clinton trial.  Jerry Nadler has worked with Pelosi on changing the rules as they went along in their corrupt ways during the entire impeachment process.  And the partisan influence added with Zoe Lofgren makes a team of conspiracy no one can ignore.

Everyone has seen how Pelosi seems drunk when she takes center stage.  Her hypocrisy is second to none.  Tom Elliott exposed that hypocrisy in a post on Twitter as she was lying through her dentures.  Her speech turned into an incoherent rant about “time.”

Elliott posted, “@SpeakerPelosi begins on an existential note: “I referenced markers that our founders and our poets and others have used over time to place us in time to emphasize the importance of time because everything is about time. How we use it, how we mark it.”  The video tells all, and the camera does not lie!

She spoke as though she was drunk and let the emotions of her anger and hatred show.  No one wasted more time than Pelosi and the Democratic party.  She has her nerve!

Two more statements can be brought to everyone’s attention, which summarizes the whole picture from behind the scenes to what we all can see.  Pelosi claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin was one reason which led to Congress impeaching President Trump.

The Daily Caller posted on Twitter this post stating what Pelosi said, “Speaker Pelosi: “This is about the Constitution of the United States, and it’s important for the president to know, and Putin to know, that voters in America should decide who our president is, not Putin and Russia.”

Russia and Putin have nothing to do with the phone call conversation between President Trump and the president of Ukraine.  Pelosi’s statement is that of resentment and an ongoing grudge against our president winning the 2016 election.

The second statement is her boasting about the impeachment.  The Hill posted on Twitter, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “He has been impeached. He’s been impeached forever. They can never erase that.”  Not if the Senate has anything to say about it!