Outrageous! Facebook Bans Video Showing Black Supporters Chanting “We Love Trump” as Dangerous

The Freedom Rally and March in Washington DC took place on Saturday. This should have been a joyous occasion. Multitudes of black Donald Trump supporters took to the streets, in hopes of spreading the good word about their candidate. The liberals who love to tell anyone who will listen that Trump is an awful racist are not going to like this one very much.

We already know what they are going to say about this one. “Trump paid them all off, there’s no way that they can be supporting him in a genuine manner,” they typed. “He’s a con man taking advantage of black people in need,” the posts read. We saw all of that rhetoric this weekend and then some.

Radio host Jamie Allman was the emcee for the event. The march began at the Washington Monument and ended at the White House. The vast majority of the people who were in attendance were black. Jamie was sure to document the event on his Facebook page. Since no one wanted to believe that the event came from a genuine place, Allman was here to show them otherwise.

A video from the event ended up going viral. At first, the responses seemed to be all positive. Why wouldn’t they have been? When the Freedom March participants made their way past a park that was named after the Black Lives Matter movement, they let the world know how they really felt. Chants of “WE LOVE TRUMP!” rang out and the group seemed to be quite cheerful.

The park was filled with protesters who were on the Black Lives Matter side. It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that most of them were white. Facebook decided to jump into the fray and now Jamie is being forced to pay off for the innocent “crime” of uploading a video. One thing is for sure: the liberals can’t get mad about Facebook supposedly meddling in the election this year.

If they are, they are definitely meddling in their favor. This video provides all of the proof that we could ever possibly need. Allman watched the video rack up over 20,000 views without a problem. When he tried to use Facebook on his way home, he came to a shocking realization. They had locked him out of his account because of the simple video he had posted.

Their reasoning? He was participating in “bullying and harassment”. Since the video displayed black voters who are pro-Trump, it was too hot for Facebook. It was taken down swiftly. In addition, Jamie was robbed of the privileges of posting and comment for over 12 hours. The video did not depict any bullying or harassment but here we are.

Facebook heard all of the whining after the last election. Instead of telling everyone to kiss off, they have elected to kowtow to the liberal concerns that dog so many of us. Now, they have run the risk of trending too far in the opposite direction and that’s too bad. To be quite honest, they are already well over that line.

The mainstream media that is anti-election meddling continues to be perfectly okay with it when it works in their favor. Imagine the fervor today if a liberal Facebook user had endured a similar experience. They would have already been on all of the liberal news stations whining and crying about the raw deal that they had supposedly gotten.

Luckily, this is all coming to an end one way or another soon enough. It may seem like a petty concern at a time like this but it would be nice to get through a scroll of our feeds without feeling like we are witnessing the end of American civilization. The discourse is already shot and now we are left to wonder what happens from here. Only time will tell but the early signs on Facebook and Twitter are certainly not very encouraging.