Oxford High School Student Tipped His Hand About His Goals; Parents Ignored Them Even When the School Showed Evidence

Mr Doomits / shutterstock.com
Mr Doomits / shutterstock.com

The Oxford HS shooter gave ample warning about what he was going to do. With several warning signs displayed, the school and his parents knew what was going on. Yet neither could/would do much. The school had their hands tied by a kid who was able to be very convincing that he was no real risk, and by parents who laughed it all off and thought it was all okay.

The school, in response to this horrific shooting, sent a letter out this past Saturday that was obtained by Fox News. This letter came complete with some very interesting points. “On the morning of Nov. 30, a teacher observed concerning drawings and written statements that have been detailed in media reports, which the teacher reported to school counselors and the Dean of Students. The student was immediately removed from the classroom and brought to the guidance counselor’s office where he claimed the drawing was part of a video game he was designing and informed counselors that he planned to pursue video game design as a career… At no time did counselors believe the student might harm others based on his behavior, responses and demeanor, which appeared calm. In addition, despite media reports, whether or not the gun was in his backpack has not been confirmed by law enforcement to our knowledge nor by our investigation at this time.” This meeting was just hours before the shooting occurred and did nothing to prevent this tragedy from happening.

This letter openly admits that everyone failed to act appropriately when this kid showcased every sign of a problem waiting to happen. The school was ill-equipped with counseling or plans to forcibly remove this kid and, instead, asked the parents to remove him. They very bluntly refused to take him out. It prompted them to leave him there as the school’s problem and they returned to work. How anyone can take that mindset about their own child is beyond comprehension. As part of this situation, the school gave the parents 48 hours to get him into counseling or they would be involving CPS.

Making this even worse is the timeframe of the gun utilized in this shooting coming into the house. Four days before the shooting. Just 96 short hours before he shot up the school, this kid’s father brought this pistol home and left it unsecured in a bedroom drawer. Add this in with the allegation that the mother was informed of the kid being caught looking up ammo at school, (again with the videogame excuse) and she allegedly told him ‘I’m not mad but you need to learn how to hide that better’ and this was just a recipe for disaster.

All in all, this is nothing more than a horrible tragedy that left 4 kids dead, and 7 others wounded. This was a kid who needed help, and instead of getting that help, he was given access to tools he never wanted to use properly, and instead, used them to create terrorism amongst his fellow man. This is damage and carnage that cannot be undone, and there are many places in which to place blame.

The parents are to be blamed for not taking responsibility for their son and his obviously very disturbed mental state. As such, they are facing charges for involuntary manslaughter and their trial is guaranteed to be a mess just as their son’s will be. The school has yet to be charged, but there are a lot of fingers being pointed their way, and rightfully so. Time will tell what will become of the administration there, but it seems doubtful anyone will stay long.