Pathetic Pelosi Is Trying to Steal Trump’s Thunder, But He Stays a Step Ahead of Her

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has to be one of the most jealous people in Congress. Sadly, somebody like her is running the House of Representatives.  As President Trump and his task force team continue to come into our homes every day on our televisions, he continues to be the beacon of light in these dark times.  This infuriates Pelosi and Democrats so badly that she has to fight back even from her home right out of her kitchen.

Every day Trump and his task force team keep us informed with the latest daily scoop on what’s happening.  These days, he is the only one we can trust due to his transparency.  The media and the Democrats are everything but transparent.

In fact, they are so corrupt, Pelosi begins her day going through all of the mainstream media and telling nothing but lies, and speaks nothing but trash when it comes to the President.  Like many of us who can work from home, she is working from her kitchen, and she is not cooking anything good!

Throughout the day and into the late-night talk shows, she spews out vile that the mainstream media and fake news love to report.  It’s past time this old bat hangs up her broom while playing the wicked witch of the west.  It is also time somebody gets a bucket of water and throws it on her to see if she will melt away!

During one interview concerning Trump’s daily press conferences, she dared to say, “He has the bully pulpit, and that’s a good thing for a president to have. It’s a bad thing for the health of the country if the president is not speaking the truth.  Our purpose is really to say how do we follow the science, the evidence, the data… that will take us down from this.”  What a hypocrite Pelosi is!

First off, President Trump is not a bully.  He is a great leader who has proven he is in charge and has the situation monitored and controlled.  And who is “not speaking the truth?”  Haven’t we heard nothing but lies from the Democrats since day one of Trump’s inauguration?

It also goes on record to say that the President is taking advice from those who know about science and medication.  He does not have to take every single piece of advice given, and thankfully he doesn’t.  His decisions have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Even those who opposed him have thanked him for his great leadership and quick response.  He had to shut the fake news up by shooting the reporters’ words back at them.  Trump did this with two widescreen TVs, and it was AWESOME!!!  What a great President!!  He is always seven steps ahead of them!

Pelosi feels her counterprogramming is working when in fact, it makes the Democrats all look even more stupid than they really are.  Everything Trump said, he has kept tabs on and documented both his words and the fake news media.  The more Pelosi tries to say Trump is lying, the more it proves who is really telling the truth to not only America but the world.

Joe Biden appears he will be the Democratic nominee, but no one attacks Trump more than Pelosi.  Maybe, we should keep an eye on Pelosi because she is doing more talking than the front runner of the Democratic party.  Of course, no Democrat can be trusted.

Another lie she told, which fell through by the wayside in another interview, “When you’re in a war, your first priority is force protection, protecting the troops. Our front-line workers need the equipment they deserve.”

Once again, President Trump has already taken care of this.  Now she is going after the credit, but how can anyone get the credit if someone else was proven to protect the front-line workers before her?  Americans already know the truth.

Her last statement shows how she is trying to corrupt the President’s press conferences.  “During this period of reflection and the rest, I am really very afraid of what the president may do. He’s not learning from his past mistakes.  He’s talking about reopening, and on the basis of what?”

First, Trump didn’t make any mistakes.  The Democrats did.  Second, she is afraid because Trump is still draining the swamp and exposing every bit of corruption.  Last, he is not going to open the country if it is not safe.  He said this on several occasions.