Patients Who Recovered from COVID-19 Are Testing Positive Again!

The coronavirus continues to scare people all around the world. Some regions of the world are taking drastic steps to keep the infection rate to a minimum. While other regions, like Iran, are not doing much of anything other than watching their people die.

And now it seems that there is the possibility of a reinfection rate that is starting to surface in Wuhan, China. But people have to question the effectiveness of the tests as they have just been developed. At least it can be said that there is a lot of room for testing modification to keep the results reliable.

The Chinese are stating that there is a 10 percent reinfection rate with those that supposedly recovered from the virus. But one has to question that data as it comes from a country that has lied about facts and tried to hide the reality of the virus when it first showed up.

Doctors in Wuhan are saying that some patients are testing positive once again. It is also possible that they just suffered a relapse because they were not totally over the sickness.

The interesting thing about those that are testing positive again from a nucleic acid test is not thought to be infectious. Wang Wei who is a hospital president in Wuhan stated that “So far there is no evidence to suggest that they are infectious.”

He stated that those that were retested as positive were not showing any symptoms. The tests may be just picking up the remaining virus in their systems. But at least none of the surrounding others are getting sick.

This strain of the virus has doctors on their toes. They just do not know what they are going to find until things happen. They can make assumptions about things, but until it happens there is no way to know if they are infectious again or not.

Others that have been retested have not shown any trace of the virus at all. So it remains to be seen if the other people are just having a slower time getting rid of the virus.

Those that have been released after being cured have stayed virus free for over a month. This is certainly a new way of living for many people. Wuhan had been on lockdown for several months before these results have come out.

Until these reinfections had shown up no new infections were being reported. It is simply a touch and go game that the doctors are having to play as they learn about the virus.

President Trump is relying on top advisors and experts that interpret the data before he makes any decisions. The United States has the best team of experts working on things and cure possibilities that should aid in the treatment of the sickness.

No reinfection is always good news even for those that have not gotten rid of it completely. Wang is trying to make assumptions that are very few findings. He has stated that “We need a large-scale epidemiological study to guide our disease surveillance and prevention works.”

The work that he is wanting to be done is already happening around the world. Doctors and experts continue to make discoveries and it will be soon that hope arrives by way of a cure.

Just because a person tests positive again does not mean that they are going to be the cause of the next outbreak. It simply means they still have a form of the virus in their system that their body has not fully eradicated. Time will tell if that is the case.

This discovery has opened the door for some doctors to think that plasma from one recovered patient can be used as a cure for another infected person. The idea is that a recovered person’s plasma would be the book that the infected person’s body would read to develop its strengthened immune system.

The world is waiting and praying for a cure to be found soon. President Trump continues to do his best to slow the progress of the virus and give the doctors the time they need to find the hope that so many are looking for.