Pence’s Staff Threatens Reporter for Trying to Make Him Look Foolish

Vice President Mike Pence’s office is going after a reporter who released information that Pence’s office informed journalists that they would be wearing masks for Pence’s presence at the Mayo Clinic. A photo was captured, showing Pence was the only one not wearing a mask. This screams volumes of a setup!

The Minnesota Mayo Clinic requires all visitors to wear a face mask upon entering its facilities as a precaution. Karen Pence, the Vice President’s wife, informed Fox News during an interview that her husband did not know there was a policy in effect to wear a mask until his trip was over.

Steve Herman, a reporter who handles the White House for Voice of America, went off on his own and tweeted something that enraged Pence and his staff. Herman tweeted, “All of us who traveled with [Pence] were notified by the office of @VP the day before the trip that wearing of masks was required by the @MayoClinic and to prepare accordingly.”

Herman is one of those reporters who were in rotation with another pool reporter, and it was his turn to take the story of Pence’s visit to the Mayo Clinic. He botched up big time as he also shared this information with other reporters.

Vice President Pence’s staff was so angry they told Herman he was in violation of the “off the record terms of a planning memo.” He was told he reported on the wrong story, and what was to be reported was given to him in advance. In other words, every reporter had their own assignment, and Herman did not follow protocol.

Herman confirmed the White House Correspondents’ Association had informed him that he was banned from Air Force Two. A spokesperson from Pence’s office added additional punishments that were pending and still being discussed. They are demanding an apology from the VOA and or Herman.

The Vice President has the final say, according to Yolanda Lopez, the director of VOA’s news center. She added that it was not clear as to Pence’s decision as to what he will do with Herman. Katie Miller, who is Pence’s press secretary, did not give any comments on the matter.

Other reporters recovered the document, which is being questioned as to why Vice President Pence knew nothing of the clinic’s policy. The document read, “Please note, the Mayo Clinic is requiring all individuals traveling with the VP wear masks. Please bring one to wear while on the trip.”

So the question is not why wasn’t Pence wearing a mask? The question should be, why wasn’t Pence told to wear a mask according to the policy of the clinic. For Pence’s staff to be well aware and the Vice President himself know nothing about it draws up red flags toward his team.

After the incident, Pence reassured everyone he does not have the virus and is tested often. His main goal was to “speak to these researchers, these incredible health-care personnel, and look them in the eye and say thank you.”

Another violation of reporters also from the Washington Post, who also is in trouble for reporting fake news, released the information with this one legal note written at the bottom of the document. “OFF THE RECORD AND FOR PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY.”

Off the record means it was a memo and that reporters were not to publish any information dealing with the document.  The White House has several of these memos and is only used for planning.  It is also meant to remain confidential, which is why Pence’s office is going after these reporters.

The reason everything is to remain confidential is to keep the security on the upside when the President or Vice President takes official trips.

As for Herman, he released this statement recently regarding his tweet. It read, “My tweet speaks for itself. We always have and will strictly adhere to keeping off the record any White House communications to reporters for planning purposes involving logistics that have security implications prior to events. All White House pool reporters, including myself and my VOA colleagues, take this very seriously.” Apparently, he did not take it seriously enough.

We can look at the facts and come to a conclusion, it is like the old saying goes, “With friends like that, who needs enemies?” The truth is, Pence’s entire staff failed him. It is not because he did not want to wear a mask. He wore one when he toured the General Motors auto plant.