Pentagon Isn’t Just Investigating UFOs…Also, Werewolves

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The Pentagon is responsible for investigating all sorts of unusual activity. While we mostly think of them investigating things like UFOs and such, there’s something else that they may be investigating, too.


We’ve heard the legends. Humans turn into wolves under a full moon and scour the earth, looking to eat the hearts of humans.

Could they be real? It’s entirely possible based on what was reported. It’s a werewolf, an alien, or someone’s very active imagination. provided a report that highlights some of the investigations being performed by the Pentagon. This is based on interviews with former officials – and it seems that the military is interested in more than your basic UFOs. They have rebranded such investigations as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs). Oh, but it’s so much more than that.

The military has an impressive budget – and now, it’s worth wondering just how they’re spending it all. It’s obvious that someone at the top is interested in otherworldly phenomena, so they’re allowing investigations to be conducted on some reports instead of passing them off as insanity.

You may already be familiar with what many call “the Nimitz incident.” This took place in 2004 – Naval fighter jet pilots took off from the USS Nimitz and recorded a strange object that had an oblong shape. Since then, due to the shape, it’s been nicknamed “the Tic Tac.”

Here’s where things get interesting. A secretive Pentagon program actually commissioned a sailor to investigate the Nimitz incident. After all, the military needed to know what the “Tic Tac” really was.

Once the sailor completed the investigation and returned to his home in Virginia, it seems that he received a visitor. He, his wife, and his teen children all say that they saw a “wolf-like” creature peering inside their home. This happened on not one but two occasions. The creature was walking on two hind legs.

Anyone else get goosebumps? This isn’t just some crazy person calling in a report to get their five minutes of fame. This is a sailor who was commissioned to investigate something incredibly unique. Did the investigation get too close to the truth? Did this wolf-like creature want to find out what he knew?

While it’s easy to say that the sailor simply imagined it or even mistook the creature for some kind of wildlife, his entire family said that they saw the same thing.

It’s led the Pentagon to investigate more and more claims of this nature. And apparently, there are more claims like this than anyone in the federal government would like to admit.

James Lacatski, a retired Defense Intelligence Agency official, explained to that UFO sightings have been taken more seriously in recent years because there is concern that they could be national security risks.

During the Trump administration, officials began leaking documents about UFOs and the military’s interest in them.

In December 2021, defense spending was approved by Congress, and that means more UFO research. Some have even talked about a more public-facing office that will share some of the information. The only problem is that the military wants to classify almost everything – which means that we’re left in the dark about what could happen.

We see things on the internet and pass them off as a trick of the camera or a bit of Photoshopping. But, there could actually be an entire team of investigators in the government looking into it all.

What’s next? Vampires? Ghosts? We could have a completely new department created inside the Pentagon. Though, maybe we already do. It’s classified.