Pervert in Chief! Ice Cream Parlor Scrambles to Protect Her Daughters From Creepy Joe (Video)

Pearl Ice Cream Parlor in La Crosse, Wisconsin received a visit from the president recently and while you might think that Joe Biden couldn’t botch an ice-cream run, you would be very wrong. He was in the state to deliver prepared remarks about the proposed infrastructure bill. Once he was introduced to the daughters of the ice cream parlor’s owner, he sprung into action.

That’s right, you read that correctly. Even the daughters of ice cream parlor owners are not safe from the creepiness of Sleepy Joe. Biden even stopped to flirt with some young ladies who were sitting outside of the shop. This man cannot help himself, no matter what.

No one should be surprised after seeing how he behaved towards Boris Johnson’s wife. He could barely contain his enthusiasm when it came to her and this is a man who has progressed beyond the need to feel shame a long time ago. Where do people think that Hunter Biden gets it from?

The apple did not fall far from the tree there. “You have guard dogs, I assume,” asked Biden after being introduced. This man does not think before he speaks. It makes you wonder how ridiculous his speeches would be if he had the chance to decide on what to say for himself. That’s why they have to plan his remarks so far in advance.

Every time they get a taste of the unscripted version of Joe Biden, it reminds them that they need to keep him under wraps. He’s trying his best to maintain the nice guy image he’s cultivated but these clips show you exactly how his mind works. He’s like Bill Clinton but without all of the negative publicity. He’s every bit the pervert but the mainstream media laughs it off.

It’s like they believe that him being a doddering old man would keep him from acting on any of these fantasies. In reality, they already overlooked the very credible assault accusations that popped up during his campaign. To the owner’s credit, he already had the perfect rebuttal for Biden’s nonsense at the ready. It’s almost like he was totally prepared for him to pull some creepy stuff.

“No, they’re both actually engaged,” the owner replied when Biden offered his weird “guard dogs” comment. We should continue to rip into him for this behavior (and we will) but first, we need to take a moment to make fun of his ice cream order. This man ordered a cookies & cream and strawberry ice cream in a double-dipped cone. His dementia has truly gotten the better of it.

Of course, a mainstream media reporter had to be there to lob Biden a softball because that’s their favorite thing to do. “You’re not getting any rocky road for infrastructure?” the reporter asked, which is a question that could have been taken back to the drawing board. These reporters might be even more shameless than Biden is, that is for sure.

These are the stories that make America look foolish. With all of the problems that we are currently dealing with, why would anyone care about what Joe Biden’s preferred flavor of ice cream is. We would rather discuss the results of the current audit, to be quite honest. You already know how the mainstream media rolls, though. They are here to make sure that their golden goose remains protected.

Once you have already bent the rules and rigged an election in his favor, it is not time to back down. Biden’s their guy and they will never allow him to suffer through the slings and arrows of his own creating. They would rather serve as human shields for all of his nonsensical rambling. Good on this ice cream parlor for being willing to call him out directly. If only the rest of the corrupt media was willing to do the same, we would really be cooking with gas then.