Petty Joe! Biden Refuses To Congratulate SpaceX’s First Civilian Space Crew Over Musk’s Political Believes

When the first all-civilian space crew made their successful return to Earth, Biden was in the midst of taking a nap at his beach house. He probably didn’t even notice this mission until well after the fact. On Saturday, Elon Musk’s SpaceX completed the mission and Biden was not even willing to acknowledge the achievement.

You would think that Musk would have gotten a phone call or at least a tweet but nothing has been said as of yet. Four courageous Americans made their way into space without the benefit of any sort of astronaut training. Lest anyone think that was Musk beating his chest for no reason, the flight into space was actually a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The Inspiration4 mission took place over the course of three days, raising over $60 million from the general public. Jared Isaacman, who is the billionaire responsible for bankrolling the venture, pledged $100 million while Musk added $50 million. This is going to help a sizable number of children receive treatment.

The leader of the free world has seen the world’s second-richest man successfully send civilians into space. NASA administrator Bill Nelson, a Biden appointee, was willing to offer kudos. Nelson is an ex-astronaut and congratulated the crew numerous times.

“The flight was bankrolled by billionaire Jared Isaacman, who commanded the mission aboard a Crew Dragon capsule, alongside geologist Sian Proctor, data engineer Chris Sembroski and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital employee Hayley Arceneaux. The quartet splashed down safely off the coast of Florida on Saturday,” CNet shared. Hayley Arceneaux’s presence is especially meaningful.

She was a St. Jude’s patient at the age of 10 and they fitted her for a prosthetic limb. Inspiration4’s landing in the Atlantic Ocean was an amazing moment for all parties involved. How can a sitting president see this and not be inspired? Space tourism is finally here. While it’s not quite at The Jetsons level yet, we love to see this type of progress.

Before we know it, we may be able to take our own trips to space. All jokes aside, we have all of the respect in the world for those who are willing to do so. Three days were spent in space, as the crew was circling the planet at an altitude of over 335 miles. They ascended to a height that the average person will never see, reaching a plateau of 75 miles higher than the International Space Station. They were on the same level as the Hubble Space Telescope. MSN has more:

“Inspiration4 is the latest in a string of pioneering space tourism missions this year. Richard Branson flew to the edge of space on the first fully crewed flight of his Virgin Galactic spaceplane in July. Nine days later, Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos cruised a bit higher with three other passengers on his New Shepard spacecraft.

Unlike those flights, which lasted under 15 minutes each, the Inspiration4 mission was a much more complex venture that saw the four passengers performing scientific research during the multiple-day flight as they orbited Earth over 40 times.”

We can’t lie, though. Musk’s response to Biden’s lack of response was about as priceless as it gets. He was asked on Twitter about the situation. “He’s still sleeping,” Musk quipped. There’s a decent chance he was actually right on the money here. We just assume that Biden is always sleeping when he is not on our television sets saying absolute nonsense.

Of course, the Biden supporters leaped to his defense almost immediately. They wanted everyone to know that he has a hard life and a busy schedule. It did not take long before he decided to run off to one of his vacation homes to camp out for a stretch. The least he could have done here was have a staffer fire off a tweet for him. Nope. It’s easier for Biden to sleep while history is being made.