Philadelphia EXPLODES After Anarchists Riot

The Radical Left will use any excuse to burn down a city.

And yet Joe Biden refuses to condemn the Extreme Left because he secretly agrees with their Radical Marxist Agenda.

Not only does the Extreme Left want to defund the police, thereby making our communities less safe, but they don’t want law enforcement to be able to defend themselves when faced with violence.

Such is the case with the latest fabricated outrage from the Antifa Mob when a knife-wielding street bum was shot after he charged police officers and refused to drop his weapon.

We are now at a point in our society where the Left-Wing Mob and their professional counterparts in the Fake News Media take the side of drug addicts and street hoodlums over law the keepers of the peace in our communities.

After the knife-wielding vagrant was neutralized by officers for refusing to comply with requests to stand down, the man, who happened to be black, would later die in the hospital from his injuries. Cue the outrage mob.

At least 30 police officers were injured and 33 people were arrested in the ensuing anarchy as Philadelphia exploded into violence. CNN aka Corrupt News Network was ready to stand by to inflame the violence, meanwhile, George Soros-funded groups mobilized to create massive destruction and burn down Philadelphia neighborhoods.

If you’re searching for the logic in all of the destruction, you won’t find any.

Arrests ranged from rioting, assault on police officers, looting, and illegal possession of firearms.

Turns out there are jellyfish with tougher spines that Mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, who refused to stand up and quell the senseless violence. Instead, Mayor Kenney said on Monday afternoon that the situation “presents difficult questions that must be answered,” which is the same line Mayor Kenney also used when his kids asked him about the birds and the bees.

In this context, however, the matter is deeply serious and dangerous. The Mayor should be ashamed of his cowardice given the clear-cut destruction and ruin of Philadelphia. What kind of Mayor refuses to defend his own city? The same kind of person that, like Joe Biden, is controlled by the Radical Left Mob.

Police initially arrived on the scene after receiving a radio call reporting a person with a weapon had accosted another person in a residential neighborhood. The man was “brandishing a knife and waving it erratically,” Philadelphia Police said.

Officers ordered the man to drop the knife. The man then not only refused to drop the weapon but then charged the officers, after which the officers opened fire.

Video footage from the scene confirms the Philadelphia Police’s account of events. A bystander captured the interaction between the knife-wielding vagrant and the police, with the vagrant seen circling around a parked car and then approaching the officers as they backed away from him, shouting, “Put the knife down!”

If “I can’t breath!” is the catchphrase of the neo-Marxist Black Lives Group, then “Put the Knife Down!” should be under consideration as a slogan for Blue Lives Matter. Police officers are not only charged with keeping the peace and protecting our communities, but they also have families that they would like to return to at the end of their shift.

This isn’t the first instance where a drug-addict knife-wielding vagrant was shot after charging a law enforcement officer – in fact, there have been multiple instances over the summer and fall of 2020 alone, such as an incident in Lancaster, PA, in September 2020 where it was announced this month that the police officer who shot a knife attacker will no face charges. Score one for justice.

The fact is, officers told the Philadelphia assailant “several times” to drop the knife before they discharged their weapons, stated police Sgt. Eric Gripp to reporters.

While the Mayor of Philadelphia, the Radical Left, and Joe Biden may stand with criminals and Antifa, it is important that we stand with our police officers who keep our communities safe.

The nation’s largest police union, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), endorsed President Trump this year because they know firsthand how important it that our leaders stand with law enforcement. They are truly the thin, but resolute, blue line that stands between the safety of our neighborhoods and the anarchy of the Radical Left Antifa forces that want to destroy our country and our communities.