Pinocchio Gets Revenge on Biden as Puppet Strings are Put in Place

Joe Biden has assumed the role of the puppet as the masters dictate his every move. The executive orders are an easy way that he can give those puppet masters everything that they want. Besides, Biden clearly cannot think for himself, or he would already be working with his liberal Senate and House to change America into their version of a socialist country.

The question that looms on the minds of Americans demands the identity of these people. Biden’s rash decision-making plunge and feeble attempts to think for himself has led to the reality that the country sees today.

There is a president in an office with a pen so powerful that he can affect the lives of people around the world.

Joe Biden was in the room when people called him a puppet. He is just a man that is being controlled by others. He certainly is not the man he thinks he is.

The people that control his strings wanted him to oust Trump’s policies and put the corruption back into the Democratic swamp.

The Democrats kept their specimen locked away in his basement cave for months. They refused to let him campaign and work at getting votes for himself. They silently held him in reserve while they put into gear their plan to steal an election.

Biden the puppet will be viewed by people in history as the president who acted like a dictator. He does not work with Congress, and he certainly is not doing what he promised people around the country.

So far, the old man has issued 40 executive orders in less than a month’s time. From his Oval Office throne room, he continues to prove that someone else is calling the shots. This may be the first time in American history that those with a hidden agenda control the United States president.

All of his executive orders serve one purpose. It gives the impression that he is capable of making decisions. But the world knows better.

He is unable to make decisions that are logical and right for the country. At some point, the old man is going to run out of ink, and a significant change will take place.

Biden is set to fade into the background as a used-up puppet figure. His vice president and his socialist base will take over and simply tell him where to sign his name. But that kind of nonsense is already happening.

Biden rarely ever leaves his office. All he does is sit behind the desk making regulations that are putting people out of work and pushing them into starvation.

A president is a person that is supposed to protect the people and make their lives better. But so far, he has made life rough for millions of people. The selfish interests of big money and influential nut jobs is what is growing in America.

They are using Biden’s name to get things out of others that will benefit themselves and not anyone else.

The Democrats are going to great lengths to try and prove that Biden is competent. His dementia has gotten worse as his health has undoubtedly faded. He is starting to look like a figure from a horror show of zombies running through the streets. He just does not have the life that people typically have in their faces.

The one-term or part of that term that he is trying to complete is too much for him to handle. His Democratic bosses and special interest groups continue to pull his strings. They force him to do things that they make him believe are his own ideas.

When in reality, they are the ideas of people who have no right to tell the president what he should be doing. But when he does not even know himself, someone needs to speak up.

Biden is a president that will forever be a puppet. He will play the fool that his party would have him to play. International leaders around the world sit quietly by watching the old man deteriorate into the shell of an older man – a figure that time would like to forget.