Pipe Bombs and Molotov Cocktails Found Near Capitol Building…Guess Who They Belonged To?

Could it have belonged to ANTIFA? Or perhaps the Proud Boys? It might have been the unmarked property of some radical militia that dropped in from Idaho. Or a single lone freedom-fighter out for glory, or even a lunatic seizing an opportune moment to blow stuff up for grins and giggles.

Whatever the case, D.C.s finest happened to stumble upon two pipe bombs and a cooler full of Molotov cocktails lying in fairly close proximity to the Capitol building while the rioting was well underway.

In a late-night news conference with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, Police Chief Robert Contee III stepped up to the microphone to publicly announce the findings.

Interestingly, the pipe bombs were located in two separate cars parked at different locations. It appears that whoever they belonged to had no preference for either political party. Respectively, they were parked outside of the local DNC and RNC offices. An unidentified type of long gun was also recovered.

US Capitol Police asked the DC police to investigate what had been reported to them by several non-violent protestors, in addition to local dispatch having already received multiple calls.

The police arrived on the scene only after the Capitol had already been overrun so they were tasked with clearing rioters to safety prior to sending in their bomb squad.

The bombs, in addition to the cool fresh cocktails and the rifle, were carted off for closer examination. The same police force the liberals are wanting to defund literally diffused a situation that could have taken many lives. And who knows who parked those cars there? And furthermore, who cares? Hats off to DCs defenders in blue.

Here is how a tweet from Catherine Herridge with CBS reported the incident.

#CapitolBuilding Law enforcement bulletin suspected IEDs – at least one near Cap Hill – “As of this writing MPD EOD units are in the process of disrupting the devices which appear to be Improvised Explosive Devices”+ unknown if devices are “legitimate or hoaxes.” @CBSNews

As the DC cops were doing their thing, U.S. Capitol Police ordered the Capitol locked down as they began evacuating the Library of Congress James Madison Memorial Building and the Cannon House Office Building through a maze of underground tunnels, never before used for their intended purpose.

It was too shortly following this to be a coincidence that US Park Police and the National Guard were called in to assist the frontline DC police force who were already in “all hands on deck” mode.

A city-wide curfew for 6 p.m. immediately went into effect as the sound of percussion grenades was heard and the smell of teargas permeated the air.

DC’s kissing cousin Virginia followed suit by placing Arlington and Alexandria, both considered bedroom communities, on a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew. But they took things one step further by declaring a state of emergency for the entirety of the Commonwealth state just in case the steaming pot overboiled.

But as was expected all along, our elected officials were not lying to us when they vowed to not go anywhere until the vote was officially counted and certified. They were there for the long haul come hell or high water. And who can say they let us down?

Sure the vote didn’t come out the way any of has had hoped it would, and a solid majority still adamantly disagree with the outcome, but as it has always been throughout the course of America’s history, and will remain, we’ll pull through.

As patriots, we must. As believers and devout followers of solidly ingrained conservative values, we must. The Democrats thought they would never survive four years of the greatest president to have ever served this nation. But…somehow they managed to pull through.

Just as conservatives such as you and I are going to heavily disagree with the immoral characteristics of the party soon to be in control, we too will survive, and with some hard work, possibly come out way ahead.

This is not the time to relax. It’s time to work harder for your party. Just please remember, there is a right and a wrong way to do everything. Remember who you are and what you are representing.

You’re a true American patriot. Oh. And as far as who the explosives belonged to? We may never know…