Police Group Finally Admits Progressive Policies Are the Cause for the Massive Spike in Crime

rock-the-stock / shutterstock.com

National Police Association (NPA) spokeswoman Betsy Brantner Smith recently appeared on the taping of a popular Facebook show “Unmuted with Martha”, hosted by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). On the show, the two discussed a variety of topics concerning law enforcement and the public. Given the nature of the NPA’s mission to educate about law enforcement tactics, as well as building the relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve, the two had much to discuss.

One of the biggest talking points was about how law enforcement tactics have shifted since the death of George Floyd while he was being placed into custody, and the resulting protests about care and policing. “We’ve had this war on cops and, quite frankly, a war on the justice system really since 2014, since the justified police shooting of Michael Brown. But for the last 19 months, since the death of George Floyd, we have had this vilification of law enforcement. he de-prosecution, the refusal to prosecute violent criminals and a host of other, quite frankly, all left-leaning policies … have allowed violent criminals back on the street, have allowed police officers to be vilified.”

The vilification of law enforcement is something no country should tolerate, especially the US. We acknowledge they have chosen a rough profession. Long hours with mediocre wages while putting your life on the line is the life you are signing up for, and there is no argument about that fact. What you don’t sign up for is the idea that people will treat you horrifically because you wear a badge and carry a gun at work. They don’t sign up for being judged by the color of the uniform.

All of that alone would be almost tolerable when you get a chance to see the differences you are making in your community. Yet when you are arresting criminals for charges involving sexual misconduct with a minor, drug dealing, or assault with a deadly weapon and you are forced to issue an appearance ticket and release them, it’s a slap in the face. If all they are going to get is a ticket, what good is it doing?

That good is reduced even further when many District Attorneys are refusing to prosecute many crimes. At that point in time, why should these laws even exist? The left-leaning policies are telling criminals that our laws and the good order and discipline of our country no longer matter. As Smith expanded upon “We get all these criminals – many who have committed gun crimes, sex crimes, and other terrible felonies – they are released with no bail, and they maybe have an ankle bracelet to monitor them. But they are back on the streets to offend again and again and again.”

Fortunately for law enforcement who are over these policies, Republican-led states like Tennessee and Florida are not bowing to the pressure from the left. In fact, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has been incentivizing officers with a $5,000 relocation bonus. This combined with state policies that refuse to cower to the left allows officers to serve in a state that truly appreciates what they do.

As the battle for finding the right line of law enforcement rages on, cities like Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL, and San Francisco, CA are finding themselves doing the opposite and cowering to the left’s demands. In turn, their cities have been overrun by criminals who know how easy it will be to get away. When you factor in their rapidly declining number of police, it becomes a no-brainer for them to flock to these cities. Simply put, defunding the police has not worked, and it may take us years to reverse the damage it has caused. At least the NPA is taking an appropriate stand for law enforcement and our society as a whole.