Pregnant Woman Forced to Climb the Wall, It Doesn’t End Well

The world is stunned over the fact that a pregnant 19-year-old woman tried to scale the border wall between Mexico and the United States.

As Mirian Stephany Giron Luna scaled the wall she fell to her death. Luna was from Guatemala. The death of Luna is tragic but it represents the insane attempts by some to enter the country illegally. Luna should have tried to enter at a checkpoint and claim asylum or at least applied for citizenship.

The baby was lost as Luna passed away. The loss of two lives is horrible but cannot be blamed on the southern border wall. It was her choice to try to climb the wall. But even then she was being pushed by human smugglers who were trying to force her to do something that she was not able to do.

Human smugglers do not care about the person. All they care about is getting paid for delivering their human cargo to the other side of the border.

It is likely that had she said no to the smugglers that she would have been in danger for refusal to do as she was told. Human smugglers have no regard for human life. They do not care if the person lives or dies.

Once Luna had fallen they left her there and got out of the area. They did not want to risk being arrested and charged with two counts of murder. Authorities are hoping to find those that forced her over the wall to her death.

Mark Morgan is the Acting Commissioner for the CBP, and he stated that the border agents reached Luna and her partner, but it was too late. Luna and the baby had died of their injuries. The very fact that the border agents tried to save the baby and the mother shows the compassion that they have for people.

Something that the Democrats have tried to pass off about border agents is their lack of compassion and care that they should have for the illegals. But the truth is that they do care. This story of a tragic ending at least proves that they cared enough to try.

The two illegals were left in place in the dark by the smugglers. There was no help provided or encouragement given. They were left all alone in the dark. The deceased suffered a lot of injury as a result of the fall.

Her life could not be saved. Her partner is thought to have been the baby’s dad. But no one can be certain as fake families are a thing to try when illegally crossing.

Luna did not try any of the legal ways to enter the country. She and the baby’s dad had been falsely led into believing that the smuggler’s way was the best way to enter America.

There was no record of them trying to come into the country through a checkpoint. They could have tried the Remain in Mexico way and been successful. But they wanted to do things the illegal way.

Luna’s partner has told agents that he would not have tried had he known the risks were high. This tells everyone that the smugglers are a bunch of liars seeking a fast dollar for the efforts. He currently is in custody in a border detention cell.

Many people try to climb the border wall who ends up dead because of their choices. They simply have no regard for the laws of the country they are trying to enter. Their choice to skirt the laws are their own choices and cannot be laid on the shoulders of President Trump or the decision to build the wall. Those that are caught entering the country are sent back to Mexico to wait for their time in court.

The wall continues to enhance the security of the southern border. Many people that are waiting for their day in court give up and go back home. Their refusal to wait just proves that President Trump was right about their intentions to be lawful and productive people in society.

They have no intention of doing their part. So far there have been 135 miles of fencing placed in high smuggling areas. It has slowed the flow of people down.