President Biden Announces Russian Invasion of Ukraine Is Nearly Certain; Refuses To Specify US Response

Andriy Kuzakov /
Andriy Kuzakov /

Despite this being an election year, it is the situation along the Ukraine border that has Russia in the American news this year. As they stand guard all along the border with Ukraine, they are ready to strike over the border at a moment’s notice. President Biden has been aware of this threat for some time and has only made limited progress towards stopping it from occurring.

His inaction is not surprising as there is little the leader of the free world can do in response to some saber-rattling. However, that did not stop him from explaining what is coming down the pipe for the Russians. “He’s never seen sanctions like the ones I’ve promised will be imposed if he moves.” Even going so far as to claim they would face “severe economic consequences,” if Ukraine is attacked.

Unfortunately for Biden and the rest of the progressives, they don’t realize that these mean little to a man who is trying to flex what muscle he has. If North Korea is unwilling to budge on its stance and decision-making to appease Americans, why would the Russians?

Sanctions only work if the people they cause problems for (the poorest of the poor) can fight back against the people in charge, and let them know how they are affected. In Russia, they are completely incapable of standing up, lest they basically be tossed in the gulag and left to rot. Life is cheap, and a careless do they have about the lowest rung of their ladder.

Biden did, however, admit that Putin’s hand is, in essence, being forced on the matter. “He is trying to find his place in the world between China and the West. I’m not so sure he is certain what he’s going to do. My guess is he will move in, he has to do something.” This is a perilous position for a country to be in, and like many nations, Putin needs to find his footing and where he stands among the global superpowers. In order for that to happen, he will have to truly test himself and his military.

As long known, a land war in Asia would be stupid, so he has little place else to go. Ukraine is a perfect place for him to test the mettle of his military. It’s close to home, familiar, and not as well defended as other nations. The downfall with this strategy is how well-liked the nation is and how many other countries will go full tilt to protect them. While some of this has to do with the natural resources found in the country and its geography, much of it is from the idea that once Russia tastes victory it will continue to try and assert dominance over smaller countries.

With the invasion little more than a foregone conclusion, the American people and our military need to get prepared for the possibility of another 20-year war starting not even a full year after the last one ended. This possibility along with the failed withdrawal of Afghanistan has many veterans and active-duty servicemembers on edge. It’s not so much the fear of war that gets them, it’s the fear of losing the man on their left or right. It’s the fear of not coming home for another great family event.  Biden needs to reassure Americans about the situation and start training the troops up for another battle. If it kicks off, this will be a fast-paced and hard-nosed battle.