President Trump Attacks Federal Reserve Over Coronavirus

The Coronavirus continues to make itself known around the world. There is a lot of speculation that the virus is nothing more than a made-up hoax by some liberal or enemy that loves to create fear in people.

The Coronavirus is not any worse than the flu and the common day cold. People are screaming that there is no vaccine or cure for the plague. But they quickly forget that there has never been a cure for the common cold or flu either. A virus changes all the time so there will never be a cure. Only what the body can produce to eliminate the invader.

The majority of the people that get the bug end up curing themselves. It is only extremely sick and weak that has trouble overcoming the virus. But that same issue is true of every virus.

President Trump is not springing to immediate action and declaring martial law because he knows the truth. And this is why he was upset with Jerome H. Powell, who is over the Federal Reserve. Powell decided to follow suit with the rest of the world and cut interest rates to help combat the financial downturn that seems to be happening.

The sad thing is that the market never goes down when the flu season comes around. More people die every day from the flu than from the Coronavirus in total. President Trump believes that Powell lowered the rates too soon.

Powell has fallen for the liberal lie that the virus is going to kill the world off soon. The only reason the markets are having trouble is that people are buying into the liberal media and their lies about the severity of the sickness.

Powell should have just left it alone, and he would have seen that the market would have turned around on its own. President Trump stated that “Jerome Powell led Federal Reserve has called it wrong from day one. SAD.” Powell has never been a favorite of President Trump.

Powell seems to be to the president worse than China’s President Xi. Powell reacts and never thinks through the severity of the truth of issues that come up around the world. Reacting the way Powell does simply creates a lot of trouble for everyone else.

Powell is an unstable man. With one breath he says the economy is doing well and then with the other breath he jumps into action and lowers rates before understanding the big picture.

Powell stated that “The fundamentals of the US economy remain strong. However, the coronavirus poses evolving risks to economic activity. The Federal Reserve is closely monitoring developments and their implications for the economic outlook. We will use our tools and act as appropriate to support the economy.” The issue is that he reacted before ever acting out what he stated.

The slowdown that is happening around the world is not because of production but because of the unfounded fears of people that are being lied to. Many believe that the world’s economy was going to drop despite the Coronavirus, but this is nothing more than speculation.

There is no proof that it was going to happen. This just looks like a big setup orchestrated by the jealous liberals to sabotage the work of growth that has transpired because the United States of America is great again.

The country has an enormous presence in financial markets around the world because it is very prosperous. Powell wants to connect with the rest of the world but in so doing he is harming everything.

The United States must stay financially strong to help the rest of the world recover. The markets may have taken a beating recently, but in one day made huge improvements by rising by 1,300 points.

The United States is great because it does not think like the rest of the world. The people look ahead to the future and make decisions on what will, not on what has been. Powell decided on what has been. In turn, he has hurt the economy, which will take some time to get over his harm.